Spotify accidentally leaked One Direction's new song "Home" today. Their newest song also happens to be part of their newest EP called Perfect.

"Home" was leaked early on Wednesday (Oct. 21) on Spotify, sadly they took down the newest One Direction song, but do not fret because we have it. One Direction's newest song "Home" does not feature any Taylor Swift references this time around unfortunately.

However, it is a quite a classic hopeless romantic song, with lyrics "Calling out for someone to hold tonight / When you're lost we'll find our way and I'll be your light / You'll never feel like you're alone / I'll make this feel like home." The boys of One Direction just want someone to fill their void and not to be alone. I'm sure this song isn't only making us feel some type of way, but giving all fans the feels as well.

This newly leaked 1D song comes shortly after they released the video for their song "Perfect." It has also led to the announcement of the band's newest EP which, according to Billboard, will drop sometime tonight, possibly around midnight. The Perfect EP will include songs:

01. Home
02. Perfect (Stripped)
03. Drag Me Down (Big Payno Remix)
04. Perfect (Matoma Remix)

This also happens to be right before Justin Bieber's release of his newest song "Sorry." Both One Direction and Bieber already were dropping albums on the same day, but releasing singles at the same time makes the rivalry between them even more fun.