On the heels of divulging that he will be writing with fellow One Direction member Liam Payne during a break from the band, Louis Tomlinson will also reportedly be forming an all girl band with the infamous Simon Cowell, who shot to fame as a judge on American Idol. The two will also be collaborating on label work.

Billboard reported that during an interview with X Factor's Xtra Preview, Tomlinson said, "I've got a little label imprint so I'm trying to work with that at the moment... I'm lucky enough to be working with Simon. We've got a few projects going on at the moment one of which is we're trying to put a girl band together."

The Daily Mail further reported that in the interview with Rochelle Hulmes and Melvin Odoom, he further said, "It's really exciting to be involved in the different side of it, the background," as well as that it felt "incredible" to be asked to return to X-Factor as a guest judge. The singer also shared the he will be "deeply involved" with judge's houses stage of the show. It's an interesting twist that he is set to go from judge to contestant in a switch that is rarely seen on music based television.

"It's such an honor to come back and obviously we started here so to be asked back is an incredible honor," he said, as well as recounting some of his own experiences as a contestant on the show in the interview. "I've always been such a massive X-Factor fan," he said, "I've always watched it with the family for years, it'll be a proud moment for my mum."

The One Direction member has X-Factor to thank for his own success, as the band that made his name as a musician formed on the show in 2010.