July 23, 2018 / 5:19 AM

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Kanye West & Queens of the Stone Age Mashup Songs, Album [LISTEN] 'Kanye of the Stone Age'



Albums consisting of mashup songs are usually hit or miss, but when you mix the biggest musical act in the world with one of the most respected and loved rock 'n' roll outfits of recent years, you might be onto something. We, of course, are talking about the new mashup record from ToToM that blends Kanye West with Queens of the Stone Age for Kanye of the Stone Age, songs of which you can listen to below and follow a link provided for a free download!

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ToToM, aka Tom Boivin, took his time while making this mashup album, mostly due to West's recent releases and media frenzy that we're all used to.

"I packed the first half of the present album quite rapidly a year ago," he explained, according to The AV Club, "but as it started to become an important project (plus the media fuss around Kanye West and his ne tracks released in between), I took my time and as I was waiting for an artwork, I found new ideas [and] improved other tracks ... It consists in 12 tracks of Kanye West's raging ego rapping, grunting and singing over Queens of the Stone Age ... In each track, I made two of my currently most favorite artists meet along with a few guests here and there."

It's definitely interesting to hear how some songs match up in mashups like this, but this is definitely one that fans of both artists will certainly enjoy. West's unique and differing flows in his tracks make for creative vocals over the rocking music from Queens of the Stone Age.

You can download the album right here (via UPROXX). Check out this cool track from the mashup record:

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