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REVIEW: Coldplay new single 'A Sky Full Of Stars' falls flat despite Avicii's glitzy production [LISTEN]



Coldplay is continuing its rollout of its new album Ghost Stories before its May 19 release date. Today (April 29), the arena rock band released the album's second single, the Avicii-assisted track "A Sky Full Of Stars."

Though Coldplay already have an established presence in the EDM-world thanks to countless remixes of its hits, "A Sky Full Of Stars" is the band's attempt to get into the dance clubs on its own accord, while still maintaining the inherent chilled-outness that is its main bread and butter.

"A Sky Full Of Stars" begins with a blast of piano, not unlike Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry," so while the essence of the classical element is there, the pure gusto behind the playing establishes this track as an electronic song.

Eventually, the pianos blend seamlessly into the world of the electronic swells, and lead singer Chris Martin accents the track with his signature dreamlike vocals.

The song builds throughout the verses into a chorus that only sort of ends up developing fully into fruition. It's not a hypnotizing non-chorus like some EDM hits, instead it's just another part of the song that gets lost in the shuffle.

Avicii's hand is heavy in "A Sky Full Of Stars," with glitzy production taking the front seat ahead of Coldplay's own musicianship, a thing that will make the song a hit for casual music fans but makes it fall flat on the ears of those most familiar with Coldplay's discography.

More or less, this song lacks a personality or heart, something that the best Coldplay songs are chock full of. There's nothing markedly special or throwback-y here, like in Ghost Stories' first single "Magic." Instead, this is another manufactured electronic rock song.


Listen to Coldplay's new song "A Sky Full Of Stars" below:

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