It has been quite the eventful year for both Chris Brown and Scott Disick. Brown found out that he had a child, his on and off girlfriend fully turned off and he released his hit album, ROYALTY. Disick went to rehab a couple of times and Kourtney Kardashian decided to move on. Now, both men are at a place that they want to do better for their children and their lives and apparently have teamed up to keep each other sober. Bros before...booze?

Two weeks ago, Brown released the visual for his track, "Picture Me Rollin," and none other than Disick was in the video! Disick plays the friend that gets Brown to come out after a lady friend leaves him hanging for the night. The video also features A$AP Rocky, French Montana and A$AP Ferg. The track has a real West Coast vibe to it and we ain't mad at it!

Since Brown released the video, him and Disick have been hanging out a bit. The two were recorded by TMZ leaving 1OAK club in Los Angeles where they were supposedly only drinking water all night. Sounds like these two are starting their New Year's resolutions early.

Brown has been doing a great job focusing on his daughter, Royalty, and on his music career. The singer has been known for flaring up pretty quickly on just about anybody that speaks his name negatively but that has changed a lot in the last few months. As for Disick, though him and Kardashian may not be getting back together right now, he has been making quite the family appearances. He was last seen with the family during Thanksgiving. He joined the Kardashian/Jenner clan along with Kanye West and Tyga.

Let's hope this is a fresh start for both of these guys and they stay on the right path.