June 20, 2018 / 7:11 PM

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DJ Khaled Shares Keys To Success, Sneaker Nicknames With 'The Daily Show'



Last month, DJ Khaled caused a stir when he shared on his Snapchat a short clip of him and Hasan Minhaj of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in his sneaker closet, indicating that an appearance on the show was coming soon. After a month of silence, The Daily Show has put the clip up online and it everything one could have wanted and more with Khaled sharing his keys to success and offering nicknames for various sneakers in his massive closet.

Of course the video starts out with Khaled on Snapchat, but then things get serious as they go through various pairs of shoes as Khaled offers his own nicknames like "don't ever play yourself" and "another one," while Minhaj provides his own less catchphrase-heavy names.

Never one to disappoint with the camera on him, Khaled leaves The Daily Show correspondent with some very cryptic, but important advice. "Knowing is better than learning. I know that's kind of weird, but just know, when you know, it's better than learning. And I know. Just know...KNOW THAT!" Khaled is always coming through some major keys to success.

Not included in the video, but in last night's episode, Minhaj goes into the depths of the sneaker world, particularly the resale market to see what the fuss is about. It is an entertaining look at the sneaker resale world, but ties back in to Khaled because he tries to find the Sneaker Don, who happens to be Chris Smokes. Those who watch Khaled's Snapchat will befamiliar with Smokes as the teenager who always responds to the question "how is business," with "booming." As Minhaj soon finds out, Smokes' business is booming. Despite being a minor, he has one $1 million worth of sneakers in a warehouse and just about every pair of shoes known to man.

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