Word is that actor-singer Jamie Foxx has been cast in the part of Little John for the latest rendition of the underdog classic, Robin Hood. The new film, titled Robin Hood: Origins, is being directed by Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders) and will apparently cover the darker side of the well-known story. In fact, it has been compared to The Dark Knight, rather than past film depictions that have ranged from intense drama (a la the 2010 version starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett) to comedic satire (the well known Robin Hood: Men in Tights) and even the cartoon.

Foxx will star opposite Taron Eggerton of Kingsman: The Secret Service fame. Eggerton is said to be filming the sequel to Kingsman now and will join the Robin Hood cast once his current project wraps. Eve Hewson is set to play Maid Marian. According to Deadline, the movie's premise is that "Robin Hood returns from fighting in The Crusades and finds that Sherwood Forest is rife with corruption and evil. He forms a band of outlaws and they take matters into their own hands." Fairly similar to the story that we know, but this version is described as "gritty ... with no felt hats."

Foxx, whose last starring role was in 2014's ill-received Annie (starring Hollywood veteran Cameron Diaz and the adorable and charismatic Quvenzhané Wallis), will be returning to his badass ways—as seen in films such as Django Unchained—when he plays not the bumbling-but-wise Little John that some might remember, but "a battle-hardened but war-weary veteran of The Crusades." In the film, John start out wary of Hood and his antics, but soon warms to the hero and becomes, as we know, his best friend and right-hand man in the fight against corruption.

Foxx, who was mentioned in many of the "top 10" moments of the Golden Globes this past weekend for his impression during the awards of Steve Harvey's infamous bumble during the Miss Universe pageant, is definitely keeping busy in 2016. In addition to joining the band of merry men, the actor-singer will also be gearing up for two other movies: Baby Driver, described as a "comedy crime heist film," and Sleepless Night, a crime thriller. Baby Driver is currently in pre-production while Sleepless Night is in post-production.

Watch Foxx's memorable moment at the Golden Globes below.