Kanye West may not have given us any new music on Friday, but he did just bless us all today with his latest track "No More Parties in LA" which features Kendrick Lamar and absolutely does not disappoint.

After not delivering any new music on G.O.O.D Music Fridays, Yeezy dropped "No More Parties in LA" and it's safe to say it was worth the wait and that the old West we know and love is back. In the wee hours of the morning Yeezy tweeted about his newest track being up extremely soon and hours later tweeted the link to the song on SoundCloud.

Produced by Madlib and West himself, the song runs six minutes and is one of the best songs he released since 2013's Yezzus. This is also the first time West and Lamar have been on a track together, and thank goodness they finally collaborated.

The combined talents on this song is what makes the song so brilliant and with a funky beat that runs throughout the whole song both are able to rap smoothly over the track the includes lengthy but witty verses. West even found time to bring awareness to texting and driving, which is something not many are doing in music right now.

"I be paranoid every time / The pressure, the problem ain't I be drivin' / The problem is I be textin' / My psychiatrist got kids that I inspired / First song they played to me was 'bout their friend that just died / Textin' and drivin' down Mulholland Drive," he raps.

According to XXL this song originates back to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions from 2009 but was never released. However, the beats and lyrics were heard in the documentary Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton. This may be one of the reasons everyone is thinking "No More Parties in LA" sounds like older West songs which is not a disappointment as his older music is some of the best stuff and it appears Yeezy thinks that too as he rapped about being back and on top.

"I know some fans said I'd never rap like this again / But the writer's block is over / MCs cancel your plans / A 38-year-old ate your role," he raps.

It has not been said if "No More Parties in LA" will be on West's upcoming album Swish, which will be released Feb. 11.