The Nicki Minaj Collection this fall at Kmart definitely seems to be kicking up the sex appeal. Last night (July 31), the rapper/singer/fashion designer used her very active Instagram account to preview two outfits from the new fall line, and the outfits are quite revealing.

In an interview with Hollywood Take last month, the twerking rapper revealed that her summer collection received mixed reviews. "My fans, they reacted to stuff and said, 'We want sexy stuff; don't be treating us like we are kids. These are 21-and-22-year-olds who want to go to the club in a 'freak 'em dress -- that's what I call them, 'freak 'em dresses.' I like it," said Minaj.

And "fream 'em dresses" there are. Though Minaj only previewed two outfits, comprised of a dress, crop top and skirt, the pieces are notably sexier than her colorful summertime line.

A curve-hugging mini-dress with a studded neckline and peek-a-boo cutouts certainly screams a night out on the town.

The other outfit, containing a tight, long-sleeved crop top and peplum skirt is simultaneously classy and fun.

The clothing articles seem to display the more toned down, classy version of Minaj while maintaining her distinct sexiness. Curves seem to be embraced in the collection instead of hidden. Though Minaj did tweet the samples were size extra-small, the models are noticeably busty and bootylicious, much like Minaj herself.

Nicki Minaj isn't the only celebrity to have a line at Kmart. "Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara has a clothing line, which includes shapewear, swimsuits and workout clothes. Selena Gomez also has a clothing line at the store chain.

Minaj's fall collection is set to hit Kmart shelves in October.