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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 10 Recap: Restraining Orders, Bottles Thrown & More [WATCH]



After taking a break for a week, Love & Hip Hop: New York has returned with a new drama-filled episode on Monday (Feb. 22) called "Showcase Showdown." The cast was up to their usual shenanigans, this time consisting of restraining orders, a Creep Squad reunion, Ciroc bottles being thrown, and so much more. This post is a recap of all the juicy antics that went down during season six, episode 10.

In an attempt to squash the beef between fellow Creep Squad members Rich Dollaz and Cisco, Peter Gunz holds acts as a mediator during a reconciliation session. Cisco was desperately looking for an apology from Rich for sleeping with Diamond Strawberry, but Rich believes Cisco never gave him a chance to apologize, especially after shoving him at the bar. Cisco apologizes to Rich for pushing him and explained why he felt so passionately about the topic, which then led to Rich apologizing to Cisco.

Bianca Bonnie and Yandy Smith are back at it again in the studio, this time preparing for her upcoming Gwinin Fest XL performance. Yandy is ready for Bianca to take things to the next level, so she has the rapper check out a few backup dancers to add to her performance.

Cardi B surprises DJ Self at the studio to confront him about not supporting her music. Self tells Cardi B that she hasn't been taking the right steps to get her music heard. He believes if she was really serious about getting her music out there, she needs to have it available for people to listen to it. Although still a little mad about his lack of participation in building her career, Cardi B takes his advice and gets to work.

Miss Moe Money isn't feeling too confident about her partnership with Yandy after she allowed Bianca to come into her studio session and "juice" her. She invites Sexxy Lexxy over to discuss the incident and a possibly getting BBOD back together. Moe tells Lexxy that she misses being in a group with her, but Lexxy is a little hesitant about joining forces again. Lexxy proceeds to tell Moe about her positive studio session with Rah Ali and French Montana. Lexxy is excited to see where her solo career will take her. After Moe tells Lexxy that executives from Def Jam Records will be at Gwinin Fest XL, Lexxy considers performing as a group at the show. She still isn't 100 percent sure that reuniting BBOD would be in her best interest.

Remy Ma and Rah get together to talk about last minute details for the wedding. Remy reveals that she's still having problems with one of her sisters, but thanks to her boo Papoose, the sisters have settled their differences for now. Remy's sister is now an official bridesmaid in her wedding. The ladies then begin talking about one of the most important factors of a wedding: the dress. Rah hypes Remy up to believe she wasn't able to get her dream dress in time, but it all turned out to be a joke. Rah surprised Remy with her wedding dress in the bridal studio. Remy couldn't have been happier.

Peter spends some quality daddy-daughter time with Whitney. Whitney opens up to her father about the recent news she heard from Amina Buddafly about Tara Wallace's pregnancy. Peter gets upset, because he wanted to break the news to Whitney first. Whitney admits she doesn't like the choices her father has been making and gets emotional after Peter asks her how it's been affecting her. Whitney breaks down into tears, explaining how hurtful his actions are. She then suggests one thing that might help: a vasectomy. Peter is shocked by her opinion.

Mendeecees is putting in work to expedite the release of his new sneaker line before he's forced to go back to jail. He meets with his partner Rodney to discuss the proper steps to take in order to get the product moving in the streets. Yandy enters the room with two of their kids, as their other two children play during their father's meeting. The two start talking about blending their family more. Yandy wishes she had a better relationship with her hubby's two baby mommas, because she adores her stepchildren. Mendeecees also thinks it would be great if everyone could interact with each other.

Back in the studio to work on her emerging music career, Cardi B is seen laying down a track in the booth. MariahLynn visits Cardi B and asks if she's going to perform that song at Gwinin Fest XL. Cardi B reveals Self never asked her to perform at his event, so she's not interested in supporting him. Cardi B also opens up about her nonexistent love life. Her incarcerated boyfriend Tommy isn't showing much interest in her music, which is causing Cardi B to reconsider marrying him. MariahLynn tries to cheer Cardi B up by spilling a little tea about BBOD. MariahLynn says she found out Moe issued a restraining order against Bianca after they initially fought. She plans on using this evidence against Moe, if she decides to act tough at the event.

The night has finally arrived! The majority of the cast showed up to support or be a part of Gwinin Fest XL. Self enlisted Remy, Rich, and rapper Maino to help judge the competition. Yandy is in the building to watch both Moe and Bianca perform, while Rah came out to see Lexxy hit the stage. Before the event can even kickoff, Rah notices Yandy entered the building with a female she doesn't like. Apparently Rah and her friends had a "stand-off" with this woman awhile back and she also believes Yandy was there that night as well. Feeling disrespected by Yandy and the female in question, Rah takes matters into her own hands. Rah grabs a large bottle of Ciroc, throws it their direction, and begins to fight the woman.

Rah gets escorted to her car. Remy then goes to check on her to make sure everything is okay. After confirming she's "lovely," Remy goes back inside to confront Yandy about bringing the woman to the event in the first place. Yandy claims the woman doesn't even know Rah and that she was not around for their initial beef. Remy realizes the beef between Rah and Yandy might be deeper than she expected.

The performances are finally underway. Moe and Lexxy decide to put their difference behind them and reunite as BBOD. The two were the first to perform at Gwinin Fest XL. MariahLynn takes the stage next rapping to her song "Never B****." Bianca later takes over the microphone with her backup dancers. After watching all the performances, it's now up to the judges to decide who tore the stage down the best. The judges all have different opinions, Maino believes BBOD should win, while MariahLynn brought the fire with her catchy hook. The ladies are all backstage chopping it up. Things get ugly quick after MariahLynn puts Moe's restraining order against Bianca on display and accuses her of being a snitch. Hands are quickly thrown and the ladies are soon separated by security.

Bianca tries to calm MariahLynn down, but she's not ready to chill. The show ultimately ends off on a cliffhanger, leaving the winner of Gwinin Fest XL to be revealed in next week's episode.

In next week's episode fans will find out the answer to these questions: Why are Rah and Yandy beefing? Will they cause an issue at Remy's wedding? How does Tara feel about having a baby with a married man? Will Mendeecees ever find peace with his baby mommas and the other women in his life?

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

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