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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: Rich, Cisco Play MariahLynn; Cardi B's Jail Wedding [WATCH]



Welcome back! On Monday (Feb.1), Love & Hip Hop: New York aired episode eight of season six, properly titled "The Long Game." This episode was filled with so many surprises. Some of the biggest shockers came when Rich Dollaz and Cisco played MariahLynn, as well as, Cardi B revealing her ideal wedding would be in jail. Find out what else went down last night in the full episode recap below.

Yesterday's episode picks up where episode seven left off. After Bianca Bonnie crashed Miss Moe Money's studio session with Yandy Smith, things escalated fast. Bianca threw a drink at Moe and both girls began charging at each other to retaliate. Thank goodness for security, because these girls were ready to exchange blows. Yandy gets irritated and disappointed in Bianca for her actions. Cardi B decided to stay behind while Bianca was escorted out of the studio. She admits she doesn't think Moe is about that action. Moe expresses her dislike for Bianca and promises to finish the fight later after she finishes her music session. She even tells Cardi B to relay the message to Bianca.

MariahLynn receives some devastating news about her mom, so she turns to Rich Dollaz for comfort and support. She reveals her mom was arrested again. To make it worse, her mother was denied bail and she's currently in her third trimester of her pregnancy. MariahLynn reached out to Cisco first, but he never responded. Rich offers some words of encouragement and tells her to channel her emotions and put it into her music. MariahLynn is thankful for his advice and asks if they could work together in the studio. Due to their flirtatious ways and sexual past, Rich is hesitant about getting involved with her. He believes they should either keep things strictly business or strictly pleasure, but not both. MariahLynn hints that she would rather keep the pleasure.

Peter Gunz meets up with Amina Buddafly to break the news to her about Tara Wallace's pregnancy. Amina is in complete disbelief and breaks down in tears. She begs Peter to admit he's lying or joking about her pregnancy, but that admission never comes. Amina is heartbroken, especially since she just had an abortion. Still grieving from her decision to do so, Amina can't help but think that Peter wanted another baby Tara and not her. Peter admits he didn't know Tara was pregnant. Amina stuck by Peter through the cheating and drama, but decides this is the final straw. Believing this will give Tara another reason to use the kids as an excuse to keep Peter hooked, Amina wants nothing to do with either one of them. Peter tries to get her to calm down and give their marriage another chance, but Amina walks out of the room.

MariahLynn invites Cisco over to finally talk to him about the troubles she's dealing with in her personal life and to tell him that she was forced to call Rich for a shoulder to cry on since he wasn't around. Cisco isn't too happy to hear about that. Due to their lingering beef and MariahLynn's history with Rich, Cisco believes that's the last person she should have run to. He admits he couldn't return her call because he was handling a situation with his kids in Atlanta. Cisco tells her to make a decision, because she seems to have too many options on her plate. MariahLynn tells him she wants to be with him. Cisco insists they get tested, before they take things to the next level. MariahLynn thinks Cisco is trying to insinuate that she's dirty, because she messed with Rich. They ultimately decide if they want to move forward in their relationship, then getting tested is the right thing to do.


Cardi B has a lot of things on her mind, so she turns to her little sister Hennessy for advice. She tells her sister about her plans to marry her incarcerated boyfriend, Tommy. Hennessy thinks Cardi B is moving way too fast, but Cardi B believes her feelings for Tommy are real. Hennessy wants to see how Tommy acts once he gets out of jail, just to make sure she doesn't cheat on her or take advantage of her. Cardi B thinks it would be cute to get married in jail and isn't really interested in waiting for him to be released from prison. Despite her sister's advice, her mind seems to be made up.

Bianca is still upset that Yandy is working with Moe, so she decides to have a one-on-one with her about it. Before she can even sit down, Bianca's bottled up emotions pour out. She feels betrayed that Yandy would work with her and play Moe the same record that she initially offered her. Bianca questions her motives. Yandy explains that this is her business, so she decides who she works with and who she gives a record to. Yandy begs her to stop worrying about Moe and focus on her music. Yandy isn't ready to give up on her yet and offers her one more chance. Bianca agrees to calm down and get serious about getting her career back in order.

DJ Self is on a mission to expand his plate, by adding artist to his resume. He's seen performing his song, "I Got the Juice." Rich and Rah Ali came out to support him during his show, so the three meet up to talk about business. Rah Ali tells Self she's managing MariahLynn and Sexxy Lexxy and they'll be performing at his forthcoming cypher. Rich and Self are both surprised that Rah has taken on a managerial role, especially with those artists. Rah really believes MariahLynn is going to come with that heat at Gwinin Fest XL, but is concerned she has too many distractions around her, including Cisco. Rah is surprised to find out that MariahLynn recently hooked up with Rich. Rich quesitons MariahLynn's motives after realizing she's messing with Cisco.

Amina meets with Peter's daughter Whitney to tell her about the recent events that have transpired. She tells Whitney about Tara being pregnant and about Peter begging her to stay with him. Whitney asks Amina what she's going to do? Amina knows she has to get her thoughts in order and cut the cord that's holding them together. Whitney believes Amina and Peter need to have a big conversation about this and decide how to move on from this.

Cardi B meets with her manager Shaft to discuss her current business endeavors. He tells her he recently closed a deal on her own portable charger. Their meeting is cut short when she gets a call from Tommy. After telling Cardi B he wants her to be a housewife and take care of their future five kids, Cardi B becomes a little hesitant about jumping into a marriage with him. She starts to wonder if they've known each other long enough to take that next step. Tommy admits that he loves her and Cardi B instantly falls back under his spell.

Rich invites MariahLynn out for drinks after finding out that she's been fooling around with Cisco too. MariahLynn thanks Rich for supporting her and being there when she didn't have anyone else to talk to, but based on the look on Rich's face, he's not buying it. As they're talking, Cisco slowly makes his way into the establishment, only for audience members to find out that Rich called Cisco to meet them for drinks without MariahLynn knowing. Rich was looking to set MariahLynn up in order to get some real answers out of her. Rich confronts MariahLynn about contacting him during crazy hours of the night and telling him when she's off her period, when she's been dealing with Cisco this whole time. Rich continues to throw around the six minutes of sexual pleasure he gave her...one can only assume he was referring to oral sex. MariahLynn doesn't believe she owes Rich any explanation since they're not dating.

Tired of listening to them argue about their sexual history, Cisco decides to break up the discussion and confess something to them. He admits that he only started talking to MariahLynn to get back at Rich, but that isn't true. He really only said that so MariahLynn wouldn't think it she could play him so easily. MariahLynn is shocked. She turns her anger to Rich, who she believes is throwing her under the bus just to prove something to Cisco. Cisco wants to have a private conversation with Rich and then clear his mind with MariahLynn later. MariahLynn walks out and is seen crying and mad about what just went down.

Next time on LHHNY: What made Cisco and Rich Dollaz's relationship escalate from words to fists? Will Rose be the reason DJ Self and Yorma break up? How will Rah Ali react to Yandy Smith helping with Remy Ma's wedding?

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

 Watch season six, episode eight of LHHNY below:

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