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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: Creep Squad's Rich Dollaz & Cisco Fight? [WATCH]



Welcome back! On Monday (Feb. 8), Love & Hip Hop: New York aired episode nine of season six, properly titled "Love and War." This episode was filled with a lot of shade, arguments, and mended relationships. The biggest story lines in this episode surrounded Creep Squad members Rich Dollaz and Cisco as they both try to justify their individual acts of betrayal, as well as, Remy Ma's infamous wedding guest list. Find out what else went down last night in the full episode recap below.

Episode nine kicks off where episode eight left off: right after MariahLynn found out that she's been set up by the Creep Squad, also known as, Rich Dollaz and Cisco. When she walks out of the bar, Cisco says their relationship is done. His main focus was getting back at Rich for sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Diamond Strawberry, so the two finally have a one-on-one talk. Despite admitting that he only started hooking up with MariahLynn for revenge, surprising, Rich reveals he didn't care enough about MariahLynn to be hurt by his actions.

Cisco notices how unbothered Rich is by it all, so he decides he's going to hook up with someone in Rich's past this is close to him. Rich doesn't seem to understand how badly his betrayal hurt Cisco. His frustration builds, ultimately causing Cisco to push Rich out of his chair. Security immediately intervenes, so Cisco leaves. Cisco finds MariahLynn still outside and the two talk about what just went down. MariahLynn tells him she feels played and is ready to wash her hands with him.

Yorma meets with her little sister Cimary to discuss DJ Self and the progress they've made in their relationship. Cimary shows Yorma a picture of Rose on Self's Instagram and later plays a recording of him shouting Rose out on the radio. In the recording, Yorma hears Rose call Self "my love" and "my guapo." Uneasy with her sister's recent discoveries, Yorma contemplates showing up at Rose's job (Beauty Bar), to get some answers.

Remy Ma invites Yandy Smith to check out wedding dresses with her. Yandy tries to convince her to wear a little sparkle and bling in her wedding dress, but Remy isn't interested. In fact, she shows little interest in the entire shopping experience due to bigger concerns running through her mind. Remy tells Yandy she's still trying to mend some relationships before her big day and the next person on her list is her mom. Remy's mom told her she wasn't coming to the wedding, which only added to the anger she initially felt toward her for not visiting more in jail. Papoose and Yandy both agree that Remy needs to talk things out with her mom.

Mendeecees is in the studio with Harlem rapper Cam'ron. Mendeecees has been working on a few side hustles in order to guarantee his family will be taken care of while he's behind bars. Not only is he working on a sneaker line, but Mendeecees also reveals he's been writing raps. Cam'ron can't believe what he's hearing, so he lets Mendeecees prove himself in the booth.

Remy invites her mom, Maddie, over to clear the tension. Maddie tells Remy she felt like she didn't want her at her wedding, because Papoose extended the invite and not her own daughter. Maddie then admits that Remy's time in prison was hard on everyone around her. She didn't have enough money to visit her as much as she wanted to and soon began to believe that Remy hated her. Remy wishes her mom and sister were more present while she was in jail, but understands that she didn't do it intentionally. The tension dies down and Remy ultimately decides to invite her mom to the wedding.

Yorma shows up at Beauty Bar with Cimary. She initially tries to remain calm when trying to get answers out of Rose, but Rose already had an idea of why she was there. Rose admits that she's been seeing Self, so Yorma lets her know that she's actually Self's girlfriend. Rose doesn't seem to care and tells Yorma that Self comes to her job all the time. Yorma and Rose engage in a yelling match about being with Self. Frustrated by everthing she's heard, Yorma decides to rip down some of the clothes hanging up and break a few of the store decorations. Rose walks up to the sisters like she's going to throw hands, but security quickly intervenes. Both Yorma and Cimary are then escorted out.

Remy and Pap have dinner together and talk about wedding changes. Remy reveals she wants to change the venue, because it doesn't match the full Winter Wonderland theme of the wedding. Remy wants to have a skating rink in her wedding, with snow covered trees. Despite putting a large deposit on the castle, Pap agrees to give Remy the wedding of her dreams. The two then look back on all the obstacles they've overcome in their relationship.

Still disgusted by her altercation with Rose, Yorma decides to show up at Power 105.1 unannounced to get some answers out of Self. She tells him that she went to Beauty Bar and that Rose was boasting about wanting to have oral sex with him. Self denied to having any sexual relations with Rose, but admits she kissed him once. Yorma feels hurt and betrayed again by Self. She thought they were really growing in their relationship, especially since he allowed her to meet his daughter. Yorma breaks things off with Self and walks away. Barely putting up a fight, Self decides to just walk back into work.

Peter Gunz meets with Rich to get a few things off of his chest. He tells Rich about Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly being pregnant at the same time and about Amina's abortion. Rich calls Peter "irresponsible and selfish." The conversation then switches to Rich's problems with Cisco. Rich informs Peter about the altercation that went down with Cisco and MariahLynn. Peter knows Cisco is still upset about Rich creeping with Diamond Strawberry. Peter believes the best thing Rich can do is talk things out with Cisco.

Remy hits the boxing ring to blow off some steam. She decides to mend her friendship with Rah Ali, so she invites her to the ring. Remy tells Rah that her dream dress will not be ready in time for the wedding, so asks Rah to help her find a new dress. Rah admits she's been trying to reach out to Remy every since the fashion show blowout, but Remy was stuck in her petty ways and didn't respond. The women seem to back on good terms, until Remy tells Rah she enlisted Yandy to help with the wedding while they were beefing. Rah is confused, because she doesn't feel like Yandy really knows Remy. Yandy also meets with Remy and Rah is shocked. Rah instantly throws shade in Yandy's direction, but Yandy doesn't pay her any mind. Yandy is focused on making Remy's wedding beautiful, but Rah is focused on how their "friendship" formed overnight.

Looking to act as a mediator for their discussion, Peter calls Rich and Cisco in for a meeting. Both Rich and Cisco are hesitant about being in the same room as each other and aren't sure if they'll ever have that brotherly bond back. Unfortunately, this is where the episode ends.

VH1 offered a sneak peek into next week's episode, which shows the men reconciling their differences. It also shows, Bianca Bonnie back in the studio fully focused on the music. Yandy brought some dancers for Bianca to look at to perform with her at Gwinin Fest XL. She wasn't the only one getting serious about her music. The clip previews a scene with Cardi B and Self, as she confronts him about not taking her music seriously. Self tells Cardi B that she hasn't been taking the right steps to get her music heard and advises her on ways to go about it.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

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