June 23, 2018 / 7:36 PM

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Stream Tomás Doncker's Powerful, Racially Charged 'The Mess We've Made' [LISTEN]



The Mess We've Made by iconic "no wave" New York-based blues and soul singer-songwriter Tomás Doncker was released on True Groove Records late last year, but we're revisiting it this week. USA is currently experiencing a tumultuous period of race issues and leadership, which is a perfect time to reflect on Doncker's most recent release. You can check out the tracklist of songs and links to streams below for your listening pleasure.

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Doncker has been around since the 1980s, performing in countless blues and soul acts in and around New York City, traveling the world with his music and attempting to change the status quo in his own way. The genres he works within are the perfect platform for the messages he's trying to spread.

With The Mess We've Made, Doncker paints a lurid portrait of American life, influenced by the racial tensions in the country that affect us all each and every day. Arguably the most powerful song from this record is the strongly titled "Church is Burning Down," which exemplifies the album's main influence: the Charleston Massacre.

While the nation reacted in many different ways to the terrible incident at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina, Doncker felt the need to create another emotional record. I don't mind telling you that the messages of loss, fear, anger, and much more come across in a great musical performance with The Mess We've Made.

Listen to "Church is Burning Down" right here:

For a full stream of The Mess We've Made, click here! We're happy to share with you the tracklist of the recent release below.

The Mess We've Made tracklist:

1. Some Ol' Dolls

2. Church is Burning Down

3. The Revolution

4. Mess We Made

5. Don't Let Go

6. Blood And Concrete

7. Still Haven't Found

8. Time Will Tell

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