June 23, 2018 / 11:06 PM

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Blink 182 New Album Release 2016? Travis Barker Confirms Songs & Tour Without Tom DeLonge



Earlier this month, Travis Barker excitedly confirmed that Blink 182 recorded several new tracks with Alkaline Trio singer, Matt Skiba. Now the rockers simply must compile an actual album!

Longtime frontman Tom DeLonge left the band in 2015, insisting that other artistic projects require equal focus. He later premiered a solo record entitled To the Stars.

Although Travis and Mark Hoppus initially felt somewhat betrayed, they later began working in the studio with Skiba. And now that process is finished, according to the "Feeling This" drummer:

"It's just a matter of picking what 12 to 14 songs are gonna be on the album," he said in a recent interview with punkvideos.com. "I think we wrote 26 or 27 - so right now everyone's just pushing for their favorites."

During LA's Musink Music Festival, Barker also revealed:

"We've been working probably 15-20 hour days, it's been a lot of time in the studio. I was literally at [John Fieldmann's] house until 2 or 3 [a.m.] before the Grammys, I was recording Blink tracks... It was great to have someone [Skiba] who wants to be in the studio all the time with us. It has been amazing. I think the days of making great records, at least with Blink, the proof has been shown that it's great when we're all in the studio together" (via NME).

And Barker insists that it will definitely "not sound like Coldplay" (via the BBC).

Check it out:

Apparently, a fresh single will hit airwaves soon, followed by an official tour announcement within the next two months.

Meanwhile, fan reactions are still somewhat mixed:

@Iukehimmengs: "Blink 182 is dropping a new album and are going on tour again now i know that god is real I'm so blessed."

@jbustoss: "i didn't even know Blink 182 still existed let alone ready to release a new album???? but without tom's iconic voice tho. =/"

@TalkingSchmidt: "Blink 182 is releasing a new album. What's their age again?"

@JasonLewis13: "Blink 182's new album is done. Jesus. It needs to be released now so I can annoyingly play it over and over."

@miggyMusic: "Thank you @blink182 for being the soundtrack of my childhood! Can't wait for the new album. :)" 

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