June 20, 2018 / 9:18 AM

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Dave Grohl Prank Calls 'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst, Impersonates Drummer [LISTEN]



Following the epic prank by the Foo Fighters about the band's breakup, the band's frontman Dave Grohl blew up another hilarious prank, this time with the Survivor host Jeff Probst during an episode in the The Kevin & Bean Show.

While Probst was sitting as the guest in the show, Grohl called pretending to be Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield. The hilarious prank call was then explained by Probst.

Probst said that when they first met, he lied to the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" singer to impress him and told him that he was in a band with drummer Rockenfield before he joined Queensrÿche. Because of that, Grohl would make fun of him about it, which is why he pretended to be the rock star drummer when he called KROQ.

“Since then he’ll send me a little video of Queensrÿche on the radio going ‘Dude your band’s on!' We have this thing going on of practical jokes and at one point Scott Rockenfield from Queensrÿche really did reach out to me to say hi and I thought it was Grohl messing with me so I treated Scott like—’yeah, great hearing from you, D—-bag—really good to talk to you.’ Turns out he was just saying hi,” explained Probst according to Radio.com.

“Here’s the thing. Grohl’s the rock star you want to be friends with because he really won’t mess up your hotel room. He will rock your ass off. He’s both like, that great dad and great rock star,” he continued.

During the call, Probst guessed that it was Grohl calling but the singer responded, “Grohl!? That guy’s lame.” And even if the American game show host praised him as a great rock star, he still called himself "lame" as he stayed in character as the rock band drummer, whom he portrays as someone who isn't a fan of Grohl, Alternative Nation reported.

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