Blink 182 finially finished a new album without longtime frontman, Tom DeLonge. So, what can fans expect next?

According to 43-year-old bassist Mark Hoppus, the band will NOT be performing at this year's highly-anticipated South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas:

@markhoppus: "despite the rumors online, there is no blink-182 show at sxsw this year. real tour dates will be announced in the near future. smiley face."

Thankfully, the "I Miss You" rockers will hit the road again soon with Alkaline Trio singer Matt Skiba as DeLonge's official replacement. Keep an eye on Blink's website for any futher updates.

But in the meantime, enjoy this epic drum solo from Travis Barker's "favorite" song from the upcoming record (via Facebook).

In a recent interview with NME, Barker said this about the music:

"[It] sound[s] different but still the same... Obviously, it's Matt Skiba singing so there's hints of Alkaline Trio, or at least Matt's contributions to Alkaline Trio, mixed with my drumming and Mark's voice and stuff. It's really cool and I really love what we've done so far... The goal here is to come up with an album and just write," he added. "We don't put a limit on how many songs we're gonna write. [We just] write a bunch of songs and when we feel like there."

He later confirmed with

"It's just a matter of picking what 12 to 14 songs are gonna be on the album... I think we wrote 26 or 27 - so right now everyone's just pushing for their favorites." 

Read more on the full story here.

Twitter fans are pretty excited:

@miggyMusic: "Thank you @blink182 for being the soundtrack of my childhood! Can't wait for the new album. :)"

@mxexgxaxnx: "PSA: BLINK 182 IS MAKING A NEW ALBUM."

@mechnya: "isn't blink 182 putting out a new album in 2016 oh boy i cant wait."

@autumnmahar: "Blink 182 is making a new album and I now believe in God because obviously someone is up there listening to my prayers."

@MarySpringg: "blink 182 confirmed a new album release and I just died a little bit inside."

Stay tuned for the release date annoucement!