July 18, 2018 / 2:27 PM

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Eminem Look-Alike, Young 'Rap God' Inspires Royce Da 5'9" New 'Tabernacle' Music Video Tease



Rapper Royce Da 5'9" will premiere the official music video for his latest single "Tabernacle" soon. The powerful track follows the Slaughterhouse emcee's personal life trials and experiences - including the very first time he met a young and upcoming Slim Shady. Check out this viral behind-the-scenes clip where Royce introduces some of the actors portraying real life people who made a huge impact on his career:

The Build & Destroy superstar recently told Genius about his "chance" encounter with Eminem:

"This is a story that I've been waiting to tell my whole career and I was just waiting on the right time to tell it. This is a story about December 29th: The day that I met Eminem, the day that my grandma died and the day that my son was born. It all happened on the same day. It was a turn of events day."

Royce's own son will make his first onscreen debut in the video, which hits the internet on Tuesday (March 15). Music Times will have updates after the launch. So, what do fans think of the "Rap God" look-alike from so many years ago?

The Detroit native explains:

 “I’m excited by every aspect of it... “There’s a lot that I can’t wait to see. I purposely didn’t watch some of the playback so I can actually be surprised. Normally I spoil it for myself.”

The MMLP2 mastermind also inspired Royce to get sober:

"That happened Sept.12, 2012. I like to call it a spiritual awakening. I just woke up one day and there [it] was... I felt like I was just up. I made the necessary phone calls. I called Marshall, and I said 'Yo, I'm stopping drinking. I'm not drinking no more.' He was like 'Dog, that's the realest thing you've ever said to me. Come home'" (via Complex).

The actual release date for Royce's highly-anticipated new solo album Layers in April 15 (2016).

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