Morrissey, the influential English singer who turned 57 yesterday, has reportedly cancelled his previously-announced appearance at this fall's Riot Fest in Chicago. News of the cancellation was issued by the artist today via his semi-official internet mouthpiece,

"As of this date (May 23), Morrissey is not a part of this year's Chicago Riot Fest."

News sources and fansites were ablaze with well-wishes for the renowned vocalist yesterday, May 22, in honor of his birthday. The Smiths singer, who came to fame with the legendary 1980s jangle pop band, was born in Lancashire, England in 1959.

The esoteric frontman has recently added the position of author to his résumé, releasing his first work of fiction, List of the Lost, last September through Penguin Books. The novel follows his controversial 2013 Autobiography, questionably issued under the Penguin Classics imprint -- an accolade traditionally reserved only for historical masterworks.

Morrissey, as well, has long been an outspoken advocate for the many important causes he holds dear to his heart, particularly including veganism and anti-establishmentarianism.

The musician also harbors strong feelings for the current state of music. In an exclusive interview last year with Thrasher magazine, the famed singer offered his thoughts on the progressing commercial consolidation of popular music:

"We are now in the era of marketed pop stars, which means that the labels control the charts, and consequently the public have lost interest. It's rare that a record label does something for the good of music. We are force-fed acts such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, which at least means that things can't possibly get any worse."

The Smiths are unlikely to ever reunite. Though past rumors have swirled concerning a band reconciliation, both Morrissey and founding lead guitarist, Johnny Marr, have been quick to quash the conjecture. This makes for a sad realization, especially in light of recent improbable reunions from revered acts like Guns N' Roses or even At the Drive-In. Smiths fans will recall the band members' contentious litigation against each other in the late '80s and '90s.

Below, watch Morrissey's official music video clip for his 1988 hit single "Everyday Is Like Sunday," from his debut solo album, Viva Hate.

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