Amongst the company's roster of globally established K-Pop artists and shortly after the debut of their newest girl group, BlackPink, YG Entertainment has once again surprised everyone with a teaser photo indicating the date, August 19. This could only mean that another artist of theirs will be making a comeback.

A lot of speculation has occurred amongst fans and netizens alike, all of them wondering as . The date coincides with the 10th Anniversary of the company's biggest artist to date, Big Bang, which leaves fans of the K-Pop heavyweights wondering if it would be the day they would finally get to release the full version of their year-long album in which they promoted last year, titled the MADE series, a comeback that people had been waiting for since their brief hiatus.

According to soompi, it could also mean the debut of a duo unit comprised of Winner's Song Minho and IKON's Bobby, who are reported to have finished filming a music video in Itaewon the other day.

2NE1's CL is also up to release another solo single following her global hit, "Hello B*tches," on the 19th as well, as she had revealed during a live show. It could also mean that maybe she could be making another comeback, this time with the rest of the members from 2NE1, after having last promoted in 2014. It would be the first time they will be promoting their music as a trio, since the departure of their youngest member, Minzy, last May.

Winner had previously made a comeback this year, after going on a 1 year and 5 month hiatus, the first of their year-long project, EXIT Movement, releasing the first of four albums, EXIT: E, and promoting 2 songs, "Baby Baby" and "Sentimental," to which fans of the five-member group had hopes that maybe it would finally be the day that they would release EXIT:X, the second half of their album, as promised by the company's executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk.

Labelmate Lee Hi had also previously made a comeback with her 2nd album, titled, Seoulite,promoting 3 songs, "My Star," Breathe," and "Hold Your Hand," and brother-sister duo Akdong Musician had come back as well, with a mini-album titled Spring Vol. 1, with which they promoted 2 tracks: "How People Move" and "Re-Bye."

But it could be another artist entirely, knowing that the company has signed another popular face in the industry, soloist Zion-T, a new addition to the family.

Check out BlackPink's debut singles below: