Young Thug and Future have finally released a visual for "All da Smoke," a track that appears on their joint mixtape, Super Slimey. It centers on a pack of kids navigating the chaos of a group home in Atlanta and wanting to escape.

The video opens to kids hanging out motionless at the facade of the group home, their heads replaced with a trail of smoke for some reason. The subtitle reads, "BriarCliff Group Home, Atlanta, GA."

The kids — a mix of prepubescent children and teens — endure their lives in the facility where tension often runs high. Later, it becomes evident that the caretakers are far more interested in raking in cash than taking care of the children.

One kid describes living in the group home as akin to "prison" because they face poor conditions because of the greedy matriarchal figure in charge, who's seen taking all the money for herself instead of using it to make the kids' lives better.

Unable to endure their living conditions, the children hatch a robbery plan to finally escape their group home. As the pack of kids head out to seek their target, Future and Young Thug appear, taking over an abandoned auditorium as they caution their detractors that they're ready for anything and that they "want all the smoke."

The clip cuts between kids carjacking unsuspecting civilians and both the rappers spitting rhymes:

"Cartier frames, Cartier rings, Cartier socks (on god) / Homicide gang, they gon' put you on Fox (homicide, homicide) / Putang ran up a whole M sittin' in the box (facts)/ My dog rock a Rollie in the feds nigga, and still move blocks (racks) / We had the bando goin' crazy in the SWATs (in the what?) / Ten-four, they runnin' up on all the opps."

Later, the kids join Future and Young Thug as they tie up their victim's head with a burlap sack and coat him with green paint or slime. They also strike him in the head and the video fades out moments later.

As mentioned, "All da Smoke" was included in the mixtape Super Slimey, which was released in October. It features rapper Offset in one track, "Patek Water." The collab project comes on the heels of Future and Hndrxx, two albums Future released in 2017.

You can check out the "All da Smoke" music video below. As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to share them in the comments section!