May 22, 2018 / 11:31 PM

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Justin Timberlake Urged To Keep Super Bowl LII Show 'Safe For The Children' By The PTC



The Parents Television Council has urged Justin Timberlake to make his performance at the Super Bowl Half Time Show on Sunday safe for children.

The council wanted to avoid a repeat of the 2004 incident where Janet Jackson bared her chest on television.

Fourteen years after that disgraceful moment on TV, the Parents Television Council has penned a letter asking Timberlake to make his performance clean. In the lengthy request, the council asked that the Tennessee-native spare the viewers and the children watching the Super Bowl Half Time Show of any wardrobe malfunctions.

"As we approach this Sunday's Super Bowl LII and its halftime show during which you'll be performing, we ask you to keep the halftime show friendly and safe for the children watching, and who may be hoping to emulate you one day. The media has been asking you about this very thing - and we are heartened by your response that the events of 2004 are not going to happen in 2018," reads the letter.

The request further highlights the importance of a clean performance at the Super Bowl Half Time Show given today's entertainment media. The council adds that children these days are already exposed to sexual and violent content on TV, so it is best to have the Half Time show safe and clean for the entire family.

"Our children are confronted with enough harmful and explicit content in today's entertainment media. The Super Bowl, and particularly its halftime show, should be the hallmark of entertainment that's both appealing and a safe place for the entire family," the council adds.

Those who tuned in to Timberlake's performance in the 2004 Super Bowl Half Time Show may remember the accidental exposure of Janet Jackson's chest on TV. The singer unintentionally bared her right breast to everyone's shock and outrage. The incident sparked years of talks, lawsuits, and backlash against Timberlake. It even overshadowed the New England Patriot's Super Bowl win against Carolina Panthers.

Likewise, as what the letter states, the wardrobe malfunction overshadowed news about the war in Iraq. It was a sensational moment and the NFL committee almost paid a $550,000 fine. Timberlake has yet to address the urgent request of the council although he has assured the public in previous interviews that the incident will never happen again.

Timberlake will be dancing and singing to tracks from his new studio album Man of the Woods in his Super Bowl Half Time Show performance.

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