The original members of Smashing Pumpkins will have a reunion concert or tour this year, confirms D'Arcy Wretzky, but she will not be included.

The alternative rock band fronted by Billy Corgan has not made an official announcement regarding their upcoming return to the stage but fans expect the plan to be revealed on Thursday, Feb. 15. Corgan has been teasing new activity from the band on his social media pages in the past couple of months.

D'Arcy Wretzky Snubbed

However, there seems to be drama brewing behind-the-scenes. In an interview with BlastEcho last month, Wretzky said that she was not asked to go on tour with the rest of the band.

"My apologies to all of the Smashing Pumpkins fans out there who are excited about this oncoming reunion tour of the original members of the band. I know this is a huge disappointment for me, as well, but it's not going to happen [with me]," she said in a statement. "I only just found about yesterday that the band has decided to go with a different bass player."

Wretzky was among the founding members of the alternative rock band. She left the group in 1999.

Whatever project Smashing Pumpkins has been working on in the past few months, Wretzky was not included. In another interview, she said that she only found out through Corgan's Instagram post that his former bandmates have been recording new music.

She said that Corgan did reach out to her through SMS to explain her exclusion and extend a contract offer for her to return. However, a month later, she was told that it "wasn't a real offer."

Smashing Pumpkins Responds

Ahead of the band's announcement on Thursday, a representative for the Smashing Pumpkins has issued a statement explaining why D'Arcy was excluded from the upcoming concert or tour.

"In reuniting the Smashing Pumpkins, the band's dedication remains to its fans and its music," the spokesperson said. "To that, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and William Corgan haven't played a show with D'arcy Wretzky for over 18 years. But it's not for a lack of trying. For despite reports, Ms. Wretzky has repeatedly been invited out to play with the group, participate in demo sessions, or at the very least, meet face-to-face, and in each and every instance she always deferred. We wish her all the best, and look forward to reconnecting with you all very soon."

Wretzky has not responded to the statement but a Facebook page believed to be connected to the artist has been responding to messages from disappointed fans. She said she was looking forward to reuniting with the band "probably more than all the guys combined."