June 25, 2018 / 12:04 AM

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Liam Gallagher Says The Foo Fighters Keep Texting Him For A Collaboration



Liam Gallagher, formerly the lead singer of Oasis, revealed that the Foo Fighters is desperate to get in the studio with him.

The British artist, during a cover story for NME, said that the rock band fronted by Dave Grohl has been trying to get in touch with him to talk about a future collaboration.

"They keep texting me, man," Gallagher told the publication. "They wanted to do one tune, but I dunno — I'll do it one day, but I'm too busy doing this at the moment. But I do like them — I think Foo Fighters have got good tunes. I think Dave Grohl's very talented, and so is the band."

Come Together Cover

The interview came shortly after the 45-year-old had been named the Godlike Genius at the V05 NME Awards held earlier this month in London.

Meanwhile, the invitation to collaborate must have started after Gallagher joined the Foo Fighters onstage at the CalJam Festival last year to perform a cover of "Come Together," a song originally by The Beatles. Sources reveal that Grohl also invited Gallagher onstage to perform at last year's Glastonbury Festival.

On Possible Oasis Reunion

In the same interview with the music magazine, Gallagher revealed that there was not really a truce between him and his brother-former bandmate Noel. The "For What It's Worth" singer, at the time, tweeted that he and his brother were "all good again."

"In my head [we called a truce]," he shared. "'Cos it's Christmas innit and me mam's always going, 'Look, calm down,' so I had a couple of drinks and thought, you know, I'll put it out there. But it's not happening, is it?"

He, however, assured that he is still open to the possibility of an Oasis reunion at some point, adding that the dynamic has changed and he is enjoying topping the charts as a solo musician.

In a separate conversation, Noel told Music Feeds that he does not think about their former band or a possible reunion nowadays.

"No, I'm not there anymore, and I've not been there for nine years now," Noel stated. "I'm only ever forced to think about Oasis when it's brought up in an interview, or when we did that documentary because I guess there was a nostalgic thing going on, or when I'm onstage singing 'Half The World Away' or something, you know what I mean?"

Gallagher is set to start working on his second solo album which, he said, will be a proper "out-and-out punk rock" inspired by the Sex Pistols and The Stooges. He did not reveal yet when the album will be released.



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