June 21, 2018 / 10:06 AM

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Gerard Way Talks Fender Guitars, Making Music Every Friday



Gerard Way just announced that he will be working on new music every Friday. He also opened up about Fender Guitars after receiving a new instrument from his friend.

However, the My Chemical Romance singer did not reveal when his new music will be released.

"It is far too early to have any kind of idea when new music will be coming out from me, or what it will be specifically. Would it be a solo record? A new band? Songs for the Netflix Umbrella Academy show? Something else? Again, too early to tell, but the process has started and happens every Friday at the moment. I'm in the discovery phase, and very excited about that," said Way.

Gerard Way Talks About Fender Guitars

On his Facebook account, the 40-year-old musician also revealed that he has been using Fender Guitars for several years. Way said that his good friend, Michael Schulz, gave him an electric guitar to encourage him to write songs again. Way said that the Kurt Cobain Jaguar is the clearest guitar he has ever played.

"Instantly sounded like magic, gorgeous to look at, fun to play, and connected to a major influence in my life and music. And it sounds loud and lovely through my 90's Big Muff pedal and Fender Twin. It's very pure," wrote Way.

Way also made headlines earlier this year after he signed a deal with Netflix to headline Umbrella Academy. The 10-episode series is based on Way's comic books of the same title. Umbrella Academy has also cast Mary J. Blige, and it will premiere sometime this year.

My Chemical Romance's Split

In 2013, My Chemical Romance disbanded, and Way pursued his solo career in music. Years later, the singer said that it is possible for the band to reunite in the coming years. After all, the band's fans want to see them perform again.

"We all got together recently and it was wonderful - we didn't even talk about the band or playing shows again. I don't know if anything will happen in the future, but what I do know is everyone has a really great life right now," said Way.

Way is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and comic book writer. He served as the lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance for several years. Three years after the band split, Way released his debut album, Hesitant Alien, in 2014. His first comic book series is called The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

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