Carrie Underwood is proud of her sisters who joined the protest in support of increasing the funding of public schools in Oklahoma.

Fighting For The Kids

On Instagram, the country singer posted a photo of her siblings who, along with hundreds of teachers in the state, walked out of their classroom to demand the state to invest more money to give students a better learning environment.

According to Taste of Country, the American Idol winner hails from a family of teachers. Underwood's mom and her two sisters are both educators in their hometown of Oklahoma.

That is why the issue hits close to home for the singer-songwriter. Back in 2009, she was involved in an ad campaign where she talked about her mother and sisters.

"Teaching was something that ran in my family. I have always admired my mother and sisters for making a difference in the lives of so many," said the "The Champion" singer.

On Friday, April 6, the lawmakers in Oklahoma will vote on bills that can earmark more money to education. For the past week, teachers in the state have been involved in widespread walkouts and protests, forcing schools to cancel classes.

NPR reports that one of the bills that will be decided by the Senate before the week ends is House Bill 3375, which will add ball and dice games to casinos and raise an estimated $22 million for education. Teachers will get another $20 million by closing a tax loophole that will force the online marketplaces such as Amazon to follow the same rules as local businesses in Oklahoma.

Carrie Underwood Back To Work

Apart from her activist work, Underwood returns this year to the recording studio to work on an unannounced new project.

In the past few months, the "Before He Cheats" singer has been recovering from a freak accident that left her needing a minor surgery and multiple stitches on her face after she slipped and fell in her home.

On Twitter and Instagram, Underwood published a black-and-white photo of herself inside a recording studio.