July 17, 2018 / 10:51 PM

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Azealia Banks Gets Boob-Biting Misdemeanor Charge Reduced, Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct



Azealia Banks pleads guilty to disorderly conduct. In 2015, she bit the breast of a female security guard.

At the time, Banks was initially convicted of misdemeanor assault, but the charge has been reduced to disorderly conduct. The singer pleaded guilty to the charge in court on Tuesday, April 3, after misdemeanor case was written out by the judge.

In December 2015, Banks was kicked out of Up & Down, a nightclub in New York City. The encounter led to the singer biting the guard's breast.

After the incident, "The Big Big Beat" singer was ordered to attend anger management classes. However, Banks was unable to show proof that she actually attended them.

'The Most Influential Female Rapper Today'

Other than her recent court hearing, Banks also made headlines after she declared that she is the "most influential female rapper" of her time, next to Nicki Minaj. On her Instagram account, Banks reposted one of her fan's comment.

"People can say you're irrelevant but you been making headlines for 7 years straight. Also you're the most influential female rapper of the 'new generation' (post Nicki)," wrote the fan.

Banks replied to the fan by reflecting on her own career.

"I have a way of putting pressure on people to create the art world I want to live in. I see loads of girls running around with my 2011 aesthetic and whether they credit me or not... I can 100% see the impact I've had on female rap culture. I can see how my influence has inspired so many of the artists I looked up to as a child and so many artists that came after me. That to me is the truest success," wrote Banks.

Azealia Banks's Songs, New Album

Banks is also focused on releasing her new music. Last month, she dropped "Movin' On Up." The song will be featured on her upcoming album Fantasea II: The Second Wave, which will be released sometime this year.

Other songs included in the compilation are "Lorelei," "Icy Pisces," "Chaos and Glory," "Along the Coast," "Niggas Gon' Learn," "Ain't Know," "Tastes State," "Paradiso II," "Treasure Island," "Anna Wintour," "Count Contessa," "Pyrex Princess," "Escapades (Pleasure Place," "Venus," "Playhouse," "Desert Beat," "Blossom," "In Excelsis," "Chi-Chi," and "TBA."

Banks also released "Anna Wintour" on Thursday. The singer said that the track is about finding herself and God.

"This song was written to embody the feeling felt when you connect with the universe," said Banks.

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