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J. Cole Holds Mysterious Event, Announces Release Date For New Album ‘KOD’



Rapper J.Cole is ready to release his new album K.O.D. and has finally announced its release date at a listening party he hosted for fans in New York.

Mysterious Party

On Monday, April 16, at 4 p.m., J.Cole posted an invite on Twitter about an event, which had been set to take place at the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan at 6 p.m. local time. The poster stated that attendees should not bring phones, cameras, and bags. It also promised that there would be no press and guest list as the party was only exclusive to the rapper and his fans.

Not much is known about the exclusive party, but everyone had assumed it involved his new music.

In addition, in preparation for the event, the "Wet Dreamz" rapper also cleared his Instagram account and changed his profile picture to the same purple he used on the invite, Billboard reported. J.Cole's last album titled "Your Eyez Only For Me" was released back in 2016.

New Album

The fans apparently have guessed it right. As the press was not specifically given invites or allowed to cover, J.Cole previewed his new album K.O.D. at the said event. E'97 was able to gain access to the listening party in New York City and reported what exactly happened behind closed doors of Gramercy Theatre.

"Why do you think you're here? New music? Nah, I just came to talk," J.Cole joked. "Nah, I got a new album."

The rapper also shared that he has been working on the album since 2017. He recorded the first draft of what would become K.O.D. within just two weeks. After a while, he decided to make the record even better, so he continued working on it.

He scrapped some songs and created additional tracks. He did all these while he was on tour across Europe and Australia. The 33-year-old also explained the meaning behind K.O.D. He said that while working on the album, the letters came to him before its meaning did.

He first considered "Kids on Drugs," which pertains to addiction to sex, money, technology, love, and the typical recreational drugs. The second meaning he considered was "King OverDose(d)" in which he plays the character of the kind in the album by exploring the different ways that people overdose with different kinds of addiction.

He finally settled with "Kill Our Demons" which, the site reported, is about finding peace. In order to do it, he believes that everyone should go kill their demons by letting go of all the aforementioned addiction. J.Cole eventually shared an information to the public. He tweeted after the event that the album K.O.D. will be released later on April 20.

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