Carrie Underwood opens up about her terrible accident last November that left her needing surgery and more than a few stitches on her face.

In a new interview, shortly after she had officially announced her next album Cry Pretty, the country singer-songwriter talked to SiriusXM about her fall outside of her home in Nashville. Underwood revealed that she was coming out to walk her dogs when she tripped.

Back To Normal

"I was clumsy and I tripped," she recalled. "I held on to the dog leashes in my left hand and I went to catch myself with the right... There's one lone step and I said if I'd fallen anywhere else, I would've absolutely fine."

The 35-year-old country singer added that she was able to stand up by herself and walk into the house to survey her injuries. She initially thought that she busted her lips, but when she checked her face on a mirror, she had a chipped tooth and her skin had scratches.

Her dogs, however, were fine.

The accident forced the former American Idol winner to cancel a few appearances last year. She was supposed to perform at the Country Rising but had to drop out to recuperate.

A Tiny Change

Underwood had not made a public appearance since then, until just recently. Her Instagram feed had been carefully curated not to show the extent of the damage on her face.

Following her performance on Sunday, April 15, at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2018, she's now back again in the spotlight since her accident.

"The Champion" singer wrote in an open letter earlier this year that she might look different once she reappears onstage. However, the radio show host commented that Underwood looks great.

The scars on her face left by the accident or the stitches were not visible either.

The country star also explained that she had to issue a letter to fans a few months ago to warn them about the changes in her appearance. She feared that someone would see her still recuperating from the accident and question why she looked different.

Underwood trusted that her fans would come to her defense if an ugly rumor about the stitches would have surfaced.

A source told People earlier this week that the singer still feels a little conscious about the accident and her injuries. Although the scars are not visible, she had to skip the red carpet at the ACM 2018 because she did not want reporters to ask about her accident or notice the scars from the injury.

"She was terrified of people seeing the scars," the insider shared. "Her hair and makeup team must've been under so much pressure."

However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about because no one can even see a change in her appearance.

Watch the interview below.