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Jonas Brothers New Album 2013 'V' [UPDATE]: Nick Jonas Twitter Reveals Lyrics to Five New Songs, Including Tour Favorites 'Neon,' 'The World' and Unheard 'Sandbox' [VIDEOS]



Since they've been busy on their Jonas Brothers Live Tour 2013, news on the Jonas Brother's new album, "V" has been scarce lately. Last night though (Aug. 8), songwriter, producer and band member Nick Jonas took to his Twitter to post the lyrics of a few of the most highly anticipated tracks from their new album 2013 "V."

Following with the "five" theme of the new album, Nick posted samples of official lyrics from five songs, four of which have been debuted live on tour.

Beginning with the hard-hitting, biting rock song "What Do I Mean To You," Nick cleared up the words to the songs, except for a singular name, which fans have speculated is the woman the track is about. "Keys to an open door don't mean a lot. Stains on a dirty floor, you don't see a spot. So what do I mean tell me what do I mean to you," he clarified the opening lyrics. "No need for water _______ when you got the wine. Searching for diamonds when I gave you the mine. So what do I mean to you."

The omitted name is speculated to be "Rita," as heard in live performances. Nick and "How We Do" singer Rita Ora were linked together last year, and the song is reportedly about that relationship. "What Do I Mean To You" was debuted at the Chicago tour kickoff July 10.

The youngest Jonas also cleared up lyrics to frequent live song "Found." "Wow. Look at us right now. Finally we're found. Run go ahead run around, and see how quick your [sic] found. Tell me you want me to love you. Tell me and I'll never stop. I'll be around year your [sic] never lost," he clarified.

For fans who have yet to hear "Found," the song creeps and winds around a mature melody, marking new territory for the JoBros.

Rumored third single and the inspirational ballad "Neon" got its lyrics tweeted, as well. "I've been looking for the reason what's the answer or the meaning of it all... Hoping that your [sic] gonna show me just surround me till I'm glowing in the dark."

Jonas Brothers favorite "The World," which according to the band intertwines worldly events with an unlikely love story had those lyrical rumors proved true. "Don't think about the world. Stop blaming yourself I know you do. Don't think about the world just me and you," Nick wrote.

Finally, fans finally got a taste of "Sandbox." Unlike the other four songs, the track about growing apart from a young love has yet to receive its live debut, despite Nick claiming the song was one of his favorites. "The line keeps disappearing in front of me. Till I don't know where and when it's been crossed. Boast your freedom then demand an apology. Remember in the moment we both got lost," wrote Nick.

"Sandbox" has been rumored to be about ex Miley Cyrus.

"V" will be the fifth studio album for the Jonas Brothers. It has yet to receive an official release date, though it is expected to drop sometime in the fall.

Here's what else we know about "V" so far:

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