Kendrick Lamar and SZA fire back at an artist that claimed her artwork was used by the artists in the music video for "All The Stars."

The two collaborators asked the judge to dismiss Lena Iris Viktor's lawsuit. In the court documents obtained online, Lamar and SZA also said that Viktor doesn't deserve to earn money from the music video because her artwork was not the one that made it a huge hit. That is if they really used her drawing in the 19-second clip.

Artist's Lawyer Speaks Up

Viktor's lawyer responded to Lamar and SZA via a statement and said that they will continue to fight for their case.

"The defendants have filed a motion for partial summary judgment asking the court to preclude indirect damages, i.e. damages for defendants' profits from the sale of the single and the album attributable to the infringement in the music video. We have been expecting this motion and we are confident that the law on this issue is in our favor," said the lawyer.

Kendrick Lamar Talks About 'Black Panther'

Lamar produced the songs that are featured in the Black Panther album, including "All the Stars," "Black Panther," "X," "The Ways," "Opps," "I Am," "Paramedic!" "Bloody Waters," "King's Dead," "Redemption Interlude," "Redemption," "Seasons," "Big Shot," and "Pray For Me."

The compilation was released on Feb. 9. Days after the album's release, Lamar talked about Black Panther and said that it was a privilege to have been given the opportunity to work on the soundtrack for the film.

He also said that he wants to return to the Black Panther sequel as a villain.

"He [Killmonger] was a villain but he was loved and misunderstood. So if I could play, I'd play Killmonger for sure," said Lamar.

SZA's Grammy Snub

Earlier this year, SZA also expressed her disappointment over losing at the Grammys after having an eventful year. After singing the track for Black Panther, she also released her album Ctrl. SZA also worked with Solange Knowles in one of her songs.

"You feel like you're really falling short and you f****** failed your fans... This is something much bigger than me a f****** trophy," said SZA.

Ctrl consists of 14 original songs recorded by SZA. They are "Normal Girl," "Supermodel," "20 Something," "Love Galore," "Anything," "Doves In The Wind," "Pretty Little Birds," "Drew Barrymore," "Prom," "The Weekend," "Go Gina," "Garden (Say It Like Dat)," "Broken Clocks," and "Wavy (Interlude)."