June 18, 2019 / 9:52 AM

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Watch: Fans Gather In Atlantic City Beach To Sing 'Sober' After Demi Lovato Overdose



Dozens of fans came together to sing "Sober" two days after pop diva Demi Lovato was hospitalized for an apparent drug overdose. 

On Thursday, July 26, "Lovatics" (name of the singer's fanbase) gathered at the Atlantic City Beach where the 25-year-old was scheduled to perform this week. In a video posted on Twitter, young men and women sat on the stage for an impromptu concert in honor of the troubled young artist. 

Fans Sing 'Sober' For Demi Lovato

In "Sober," Lovato revealed that she has once again relapsed after being sober for six years. In the track, she apologized to her family, her close friends, and her fans for falling off the wagon and not being the good role model that she hoped to be. 

The song ends with her promising to the people she cherishes the most that she will be seeking help. 

Lovato was meant to perform at the venue on Thursday, but the gig was canceled after she was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday. Her fans, however, continued the concert in honor of the singer with their impromptu performance. 

By the time Lovatics finished singing "Sober," the fans shouted "we still love you" to tell the former child star that they continue to support her despite her missteps. 

Demi Lovato Continues To Inspire

Lovato has always been open about her struggles with mental health. She explored her battles with alcohol and drug addiction in her documentary titled Simply Complicated released last year. 

Her openness to talk about her issues with her fanbase has inspired many to seek help. She even had free therapy sessions at her concert to encourage people, especially her young followers, to care for their mental health. 

Her recent overdose has inspired many to share how the singer, her music, and her story changed their lives. Lovatics launched the hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe on Twitter to collate fans' stories. 

A sequel to Simply Complicated which has been in the works in the past couple of months has reportedly been put on hold while Lovato continues to recover. 

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