Janet Jackson made a strong political statement while performing a set at the Panorama Music Festival in New York this weekend.

Janet Jackson At 2018 Panorama Music Festival

The pop music icon hit the stage with commentary about white supremacists, domestic terrorism, and police brutality. According to reports, the production featured voices of reporters talking about neo-nazis in the United States and displayed a growing list of the names of innocent black people killed by the cops on the large screens onstage.

She then performed the song "The Skin Game (Part 1)," a b-side of a recording from the 90s, reported TMZ.

This is not the first time that the world-renowned singer-dancer opened a show with "The Skin Game (Part 1)." The socially conscious track is also the opener for her current State of the World Tour.

In a video posted on Instagram earlier this month, the 52-year-old explained why she continues to perform the 20-year-old song during her 2018 world tour.

"So it was written for that time back then, and it's still relevant today," she stated (via Complex). "That's why I pulled it out of the archives and it was important for me to open the show with a song that diehards for sure know. But I don't really think anybody's really paid attention to the lyrics. And when you go online, the lyrics are completely wrong, so it's important to see the lyrics in the show."

Ms. Jackson was the headliner at the 2018 Panorama Music Festival. The event, which was bogged down with performer cancellations and horrible weather, took place in Randall's Island over the weekend.

The music legend performed a two-hour set featuring a career-spanning setlist and most of the response has been positive. Her performance at the festival proves that yes, she still very much got it.

A New Track With Daddy Yankee

The singer will also reportedly release a new track soon with Daddy Yankee (of "Despacito"). Jackson was recently spotted filming a music video alongside the Puerto Rican star at a location in New York.

Sources reveal that the track is titled "Made for Now." The music video was directed by Dave Meyers.

"Made for Now" is expected to be included in her upcoming, still-untitled next album.