Detroit-born singer-songwriter Lizzo treats the ER staff at Henry Ford Hospital to lunch as an expression of gratitude, earlier today, March 31.

A half-minute video shows Lizzo, real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson, recognizing the efforts of these front liners amid the coronavirus pandemic and that she's treating the ER staff of the Detroit hospital, saying lunch is on her.

"Thank you so much for being the heroes in this story," the singer added.

The post on the hospital's verified Twitter account, Henry Ford News, said their thank you to the "Truth Hurts" singer for "making [their] day brighter with [Lizzo's] generosity".

As of this writing, the Twitter video has close to 50 thousand views and a little more than three thousand likes.

However, Henry Ford is not the only medical facility to benefit from Lizzo's free lunch. The 31-year-old hitmaker also sent meals to the ER staff at the University of Minnesota and the University of Washington last Monday, March 30.

Another post on Twitter, this time coming from M Health Fairview in Minneapolis, also expresses thanks to Lizzo for surprising them by sending over lunch. The post includes a picture of the first responders holding what must be the singer's treat to them. The tweet also provides a link on the things people can do to help the "valiant workers during this #COVID19 crisis."

A representative for the singer informed The Seattle Times earlier this week that she sent food for several hospitals hit hard and with staff working "around the clock". The rep also added that Lizzo is looking to send more food to more hospitals.

The Grammy award winner was born in Detroit, Michigan, before moving to Houston, Texas, and then to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In her social media posts over the past weeks, Lizzo has constantly been reminding her fans to follow the social distancing protocols and the shelter-in-place orders. She also urged her followers to call friends and family they haven't spoken to in a while. She also said that while we see a lot of fear on the television, we can't let it spread faster than the virus

"We have to let love spread", the singer and flutist said. 

However, the singer was not spared from the public as she recently had to explain herself for wearing a face mask in public, with critics saying that she denies opportunity to people who need it more.

In a previous Instagram post, Lizzo explained that she wears a face mask because she had strep throat - a bacterial infection of the throat that can also be spread by transmission of droplets from the infected person.

She said that while "it's nobody's business", she preferred if people didn't criticize her for doing what she was supposed to and "protect the people in [her] home."

"The world needs less trolls and more compassion," the post said.

Lizzo skyrocketed to mainstream recognition with her third studio album last year, titled "Cuz I Love You." This album spawned hits "Juice" and "Tempo," both ranking in the Billboard Hot 100. Her newfound fame also made her 2017 single "Truth Hurts" which grew into a viral sleeper hit, taking the top spot at the Hot 100 two years after it was first released.

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