Weezer tipped their hats off to frontline workers with their new track "Hero," uploaded on the band's YouTube channel Wednesday, May 6.

The caption for the music video dedicated the song "for the stay at home dreamers, the zoom graduators, the sourdough bakers, and the essential workers." "Hero" is a track in their upcoming album, "Van Weezer," which had to be delayed as the coronavirus pandemic "has put a crimp in many well-laid plans." In the same caption, the Los Angeles band didn't give another release date until they are "absolutely sure of it," telling fans to stay tuned for more information.

"Van Weezer" was initially announced for a May 15 release. In an interview with Beats 1's Zane Lowe, frontman Rivers Cuomo described the album as "just all guitars," likening it to their eponymous debut album but with more "metal, hard rock riffs." He maintained that the work will still be their signature catchy pop-rock.

The music video showed Cuomo penning a note as the song opened to the band's pop rock-y sound, flashy guitar riff, and equally prominent drum beats. "When I was a kid, I thought I'd save the world/ Running 'round and chasing all the criminals," Cuomo sings as different people in a spliced sequence of videos passed a white paper to the right, creating a multi-color reel of social distancing interaction.

The song introspects between Cuomo's childhood dreams of being a superhero and his being an outcast. "You know, I tried to be a hero, but I was lying to myself," the chorus went.

As the Weezer anthem abruptly ends on a beat, the note slid onto a table, revealing itself to be a letter of gratitude for all the frontline workers. The letter thanks the essential workers "whether you run emergency supplies on electric golf carts or translate English for someone who doesn't speak it" or "whether you man computers or pick up phones... donate pillows and blankets or give money."

Cuomo's signed letter also said that while others stayed in their homes, the frontliners ran towards the threat in a battle you didn't even know you signed up for." He lauded them and added that "You are the reason, and we shall rock another day."

The Los Angeles band behind "Pinkerton" also had to postpone the European leg of their "Hella Mega Tour," the world tour co-headlined by Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day. All three bands simultaneously announce the mega-tour last September, with each group announcing a new single and an upcoming album. Green Day came out with "Father of All..." from their upcoming "Father of All Motherf**kers" and Fall Out Boy released with "Dear Future Self (Hands Up)" from their sophomore compilation "Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die - Volume Two." Meanwhile, Weezer dropped the single "The End of the Game" from "Van Weezer."

Last April 23, however, all three bands posted the same statement announcing the postponement of their European shows. The joint statement said that there is nothing that makes their bands happier than playing shows, but had to postpone "a number of our European shows" because of the global coronavirus pandemic. They also expressed disappointment but noted the need to assure the safety of everyone involved, adding that they are rescheduling the shows.

Watch "Hero" below: