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The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

Queen to Stream 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert This Weekend

Buzz 23:56PM EDT

In its continuing effort to rally support for COVID-19 efforts, Queen will be streaming their 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert, starting Friday, May 15.READ MORE


Weezer Releases Tribute Song "Hero," Pushes Back "Van Weezer"

Buzz 21:19PM EDT

Weezer tipped their hats off to frontline workers with their new track "Hero," uploaded on the band's YouTube channel Wednesday, May 6.READ MORE

Malone Channels Cobain

Post Malone Goes All “Rockstar” on Nirvana Tribute

Buzz 22:21PM EDT

Rapper Post Malone has just finished his Nirvana Tribute in support of coronavirus efforts, showing off his rock music capabilities, earlier today, April 24.READ MORE

A Nirvana Tribute for a Cause

Post Malone to Host a Nirvana Tribute For Coronavirus Aid

Buzz 18:07PM EDT

Rapper-songwriter Post Malone is set to hold a live-streamed concert as a tribute to Nirvana this coming Friday, April 24, 6PM ET.READ MORE

The Purple One passed away suddenly on April 21, 2016 due to accidental drug overdose.

All-Star Tribute Concert for Prince to Air on April 21

Buzz 06:26AM EDT

“Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute to Prince” will air tonight with an array of stars.READ MORE

Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong Pays Tribute to Adam Schlesinger With "That Thing You Do!" Cover

Buzz 21:47PM EDT

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong released the latest episode of his "No Fun Mondays" with a tribute to singer-songwriter Adam Schlesinger with a cover of "That Thing You Do!," earlier today, April 20.READ MORE

Selena's Memorial

Selena's Fans Cannot Gather, Used Social Media to Pay Tribute

Buzz 04:16AM EDT

The enforced quarantine did not stop Selena's fans to commemorate the singer's 25th death anniversary. Since public gatherings are not allowed, her fans paid tribute through social media.READ MORE

A Tribute to Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers: 5 Songs To Remember Him By

Buzz 23:21PM EDT

The music legend may be gone, but he has left an indelible legacy in the music industry. Here are some of his iconic songs.READ MORE

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Pays Tribute To Chris Cornell For The First Time As A Band

Buzz 08:02AM EDT

Pearl Jam remembered Chris Cornell during its performance in Chile. The Soundgarden vocalist passed away on May 18, 2017 due to an apparent suicide by hanging.READ MORE

Tracy Morgan - Getty Images

Tracy Morgan Declined 'SNL' Invite to Appear on Its Anniversary Show

Off-Key 14:42PM EDT

"SNL's" 40th anniversary celebration seemed nearly perfect, didn't it? It felt like the producers thought long and hard about how to include everyone who made a real impact on the show and its viewers over the decades. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin introduced a clip that was a tribute to Tracy Morgan's contribution to the show rather than the comedian making an appearance himself, and now we are hearing that he simply was not ready to return to television.READ MORE

Melissa Rivers and son Cooper - Getty Images

Melissa Rivers Tribute Book to Her Mother Will Be Released in May

Off-Key 11:07AM EDT

When Joan Rivers died unexpectedly and under suspicious circumstances in September, everyone wondered how her daughter Melissa Rivers would cope. She has spent most of her time out of the spotlight, and while Melissa has decided to move forward with a huge malpractice suit, she has also decided to do something productive. Joan was an iconic comedienne with millions of fans, so her daughter has decided to put together a tribute book filled with stories intended to make readers laugh that will be released in May.READ MORE

Kate Middleton - Getty Images

Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Expecting a Girl Who Will Be Named 'Diana'

Off-Key 13:00PM EDT

We have not heard too much about Kate Middleton in the last several weeks, have we? We do know that she recently returned from the yearly vacation her entire family takes to Mustique and will be heading back to work in a few days. Several sources are also reporting that Middleton has been busy decorating the nursery for her first daughter, whose arrival is expected in April. Not only is she reportedly expecting a girl, but she and her husband will probably name her "Diana."READ MORE

Diem Brown - Getty Images

The Late Diem Brown Wanted to Win Final MTV 'Challenge' for Money to Start a Family Via a Surrogate

Off-Key 14:54PM EDT

The death of Diem Brown in November seemed to really strike a nerve with a lot of people. She had risen to fame on MTV's "The Challenge" series and competed in several seasons. Almost from the moment Brown was introduced to viewers we knew she had cancer. She seemed to successfully beat it twice before getting sick all over again last August while filming "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2." Last night's premiere of the show, Jan. 6, was sad because Brown and her costar Ryan Knight have died since filming. What is really bittersweet was the motivation behind why Brown wanted to not only compete on the show again, but win the cash prize, she wanted to finally start a family at age 34. "If I won this money, it would be my fairy tale dream. I know people are sick of me talking about cancer, trust me, I was sick of living with cancer. But it did change my life. They had to remove my ovaries, and if I'm going to have kids, I need a surrogate. I have to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 per kid, so winning this prize, I could have four kids in the oven at the same time and get back on track and start my life," explained Brown.READ MORE

Diem Brown - Instagram

Chris 'CT' Tamburello Proposed to Diem Brown Five Days Before Her Death

Off-Key 17:06PM EDT

Fans of MTV's "The Challenge" are likely familiar with Diem Brown and Chris "CT" Tamburello's love story. They first met and fell in love on the show in 2006 and spent the next several years making up only to break up. Friends of the couple have said that while their relationship was complicated, Brown and Tamburello had a lot of love for each other, even when they were off. On Nov. 14, Brown died due to complications caused by the cancer that had spread throughout her body, but in her final days Tamburello worked hard to make their status official. According to "Us Weekly," just five days before Brown's death Tamburello burst into her hospital room and filmed a proposal that included a ruby ring. Brown shot him down, joking that she hated rubies, and so the next day he returned with a different ring. Brown knew her days were numbered, and she was struggling to find an alternative treatment that might buy her a little more time. She reportedly did not want to be engaged under those circumstances, and she likely knew that in the end it might make it harder for Tamburello to move on after her death.READ MORE

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Shares Jack Bruce Acoustic Tribute Song [LISTEN]

Buzz 20:55PM EDT

Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton's friendship was forged in music through the band Cream. It's fitting then that Clapton is remembering the recently deceased bassist with music.READ MORE

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