U.K. rapper Ty died on Thursday, May 7, due to pneumonia brought about by COVID-19. He passed away at the age of 47.

Ben Chijioke, his real name, was a British rapper, born in London from Nigerian descent. The U.K. hip-hop star had been nominated previously for the British's Mercury Prize. The sad news was announced on the fundraiser page in GoFundMe by Diane Laidlaw, the campaign organizer.

The campaign to raise funds for acclaimed Ty was set up on April 8, 2020. It stated that in March/April 2020, Ty was admitted to a hospital due to "medical complications related to COVID19." The rapper had to be sedated and placed in a medically induced coma that will aid his body to be administered with proper treatment.

Ty's condition improved as he was able to breathe on his own "with little help from the ventilator," and based on the update, and he was on his way to recovery.

Between April 9 - 19, the organizer posted four messages with updates on the health status of the rapper. Laidlaw was a close friend of T.Y. and he was a godfather to her son. On April 19, it was posted that he was moved out of the intensive care unit and is confined in a normal ward in the hospital facility. Laidlaw wrote that the rapper was doing much better, and added: "Super excited."

However, yesterday, the organizer posted the shocking news of his passing and wrote: "close friends, family, and fans are devastated of his death." She went on to say that the rapper's condition was improving. Last week while staying in the regular ward, as stated on the update, he was infected with pneumonia that made it difficult for his body to recover, and "ultimately T.Y.'s body couldn't fight back anymore."

Laidlaw wrote, "This is a shock to everyone." She continued to thank those who sent in their donations through the page and gave support on other online campaigns. She added that the family extends their gratitude for all the help they received during his confinement but politely requested privacy "so they can mourn privately."

Ty, whose parents are from Nigeria, was born in London in 1972. He broke into the U.K. music industry in 2001 with his debut album "The Awkward." The rapper gained his niche with his British take on the American boom-bap style of hip-hop. The album peaked at No. 40 on the U.K. Independent Albums Chart.

The British rapper became famous for "his lyrical frankness and honest portrayals" of daily life that set him apart from mainstream hip hop acts. With his artistic independence, his career flourished and went on to release his sophomore album "Upwards" in 2003. Ty became more recognized in the British field of music with this L.P. It earned him a nomination for the 2004 Mercury Prize.

The Mercury Prize, established in 1992, gives honor to the best album released by a British or Irish act in the United Kingdom. The event is held annually and is an alternative to the Brit Awards.

Ty released more albums: "Closer" in 2006 and "Special Kind of Fool" in 2010. His last work, "A Work of Heart," was released in 2018.

In 2019, Ty called on rappers Blak Twang and Rodney P. and formed Kingdem, the U.K. hip-hop supergroup. The trio went on to release a self-titled EP.

Ty also had collaboration works with American hip-hop trio De La Soul, English rapper Roots Manuva, British saxophonist Soweto Kinch, and others.

Ty's death is considered a big loss to British hip-hop music, and his friends and fans paid tribute to their online postings. 

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