Ahmaud Arbery
(Photo: Photo courtery of USA Today)

Music celebrities are at the forefront, seeking justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Alicia Keys, among others, have sounded the call on May 10, Sunday, through an official statement.

Roc Nation, Jay-Z's music publishing and entertainment company, through its social justice arm, issued an open letter to Georgia's elected officials. They are demanding a quick action on the case of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man shot and killed by two white men two months ago. Arbery was jogging in a Georgia neighborhood when the incident occurred.

The open letter was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution addressed to the state officials. It was jointly signed by Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Alicia Keys, Robert "Meek Mill" Williams, Mario "Yo Gotti" Mims, and two lawyers.

Arbery, a former high school football player, was out running near his home in Brunswick, Georgia, on February 23 when Gregory and Travis McMichael confronted and shot him from their truck after he jogged past them.

Gregory McMichael, a retired Glynn County police officer, informed the police that he thought Arbery was the suspected burglar of break-ins within the area, as he looked similar. No charges have been filed after more than two months.

Jackie L. Johnson, Brunswick district attorney, recused herself from the case on February 27, citing the retired McMichael was a former longtime investigator under her office. She was the first prosecutor to handle the case.

Waycross district attorney, George E. Barnhill took over the case in early April and advised police authorities that he found no sufficient cause to arrest the McMichaels. Barnhill recused himself from the case when Mr. Arbery's family pressured him. The DA's son was working with Gregory McMichael in the Brunswick prosecutor's office. The older Barnhill requested to find another district attorney to handle the case.

On April 13, another prosecutor was assigned, Tom Durden, who is the district attorney from the Atlantic Judicial Circuit.

On May 5, a graphic video circulated online. It showed the apparent shooting of Arbery by the two men. The video sparked national outrage on top of the swelling complaints against the authorities' lack of action over the incident. On May 7, Thursday evening, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son, Travis, 34, were arrested on the grounds of murder and aggravated assault.

Team Roc's open letter asked that District Attorney Durden be removed from the case, citing a conflict of interest as the reason since McMichael used to be a police officer. As stated in the letter, they are urging to appoint a special prosecutor by the state, Attorney General Christopher Carr, to ensure a fair trial and "preserve the rule of law." Another third suspect, a neighbor, should also be charged as an armed accomplice, the letter claimed.

The letter acknowledged the arrest of the two suspects as a "positive step on the long road toward justice." The group stressed that the step "strengthens our resolve to see that justice is eventually served."

After the video surfaced online, numerous celebrities expressed their solidarity, calling #JusticeForAhmaud. Taylor Swift, on her Twitter, described it to be a "senseless, cold-blooded, racially motivated" killing. Alicia Keys, one of the signatories in the open letter, said to Associated Press that it was "unbelievably unacceptable and inhumane." Beyoncé paid tribute when she posted "Rest in Peace Ahmaud Arbery." Justin Timberlake, Common, T.I., Ciara, MC Hammer, were also among those who demanded justice to be served for the fallen young man.