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Post Malone, who is one of the music artists at the forefront in raising funds for coronavirus relief efforts, has relaunched his lifestyle brand, Shaboink, on May 11, Monday. Along with this, he forged a partnership with Direct Relief and will donate N95 masks in 40,000 pieces to be provided to frontline medical workers across the nation.

Shaboink, which was originally introduced as a CBD company summer of last year, had extensive plans to be expanded as a full-fledged lifestyle brand that will include lines of apparel, accessories, and other merchandise items. Malone, while in self-isolation at his home in Utah, recognized the greater need to support and provide necessary assistance to the medical community. He said the expansion plans "seemed trivial" amid the devastating effect of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Malone teamed up with Direct Relief to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical doctors and nurses who are fighting head-on with the unseen battle of the COVID-19 virus.

The rapper admitted to working with his Shaboink's team for new product offerings "that fit into my lifestyle" he wants to share with his fans. With the current pandemic, he knew the importance "to pivot to products that could help us stay clean now." That is the tagline Shaboink posted on its Instagram - "CLEAN NOW. SHABOINK LATER."

The 40,000 N95 masks to be donated is just a part of his donation efforts. Shaboink has introduced on May 11, their "Clean Kits" on its official website. The kit contains hand sanitizer, 3-ply disposable surgical masks, hand soap sheets, Vitamin C candies, disinfectant wipes, and disposable gloves and packed in an individual handy box in an attractive color.

The Shaboink Clean Kits come in 2 sizes: the original size worth $50 comes with a pack of ten masks, while the supersize contains 50 masks and a set of hand sanitizer gel and spray with a retail cost of $100. The materials and sourcing products comprise a huge percentage of the cost. The three-ply mask is made with a special fabric with anti-bacterial quality. Pre-orders are now accepted, and items are expected to be ready for shipment on June 1-15.

(Photo : Instagram/shaboink)
Shaboink Health Kits come in two sizes

The bright yellow special box seems to spread cheer. The "Circles" singer said he wanted to create something fun and "Shaboink is about having fun at all times." A portion of the sales of the kits will be given as a donation to Direct Relief.

Some fans have cheered the singer for the effort while the others jeered him because of the seemingly pricey items. A fan retorted saying that Malone had donated $1 million, so the cost of the kit should be immaterial.

Post Malone tribute concert to raise funds

On April 24, the rapper held a live stream concert to honor Nirvana, where he went all "rockstar." He was backed up by Travis Baker, a drummer from Blink 182, Brian Lee on bass, and Nick Mack on guitars. The show was broadcasted from Malone's home, but they were situated on separate corners for social distancing. The acclaimed Nirvana tribute was for the United Nations Foundation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and earned $4.3 million as of April 28. It was reported that in the first hour of the show, Malone was able to rake in $1 million.