Charlie Puth released a video of "Girlfriend." Drew Kirsch directs the video, which was taken in Puth's home. 

The song "Girlfriend" was released early this summer. It was co-produced with J Kash. According to Fade, this song is "one of his most tenacious hooks to date." 

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Puth is seen cooking a feast in his "Girlfriend" video. He seems to be attempting to impress someone, a girlfriend, perhaps. However, things take an unexpected turn: he burns the food. He orders delivery instead. 

He refreshes the house (perhaps to remove the stench of burnt food), and while all are prepared, Charlie's date is late. He then breaks into a dance, and when his date arrives, he is caught twerking on the dinner table!

In a press statement, as quoted by Billboard, Puth claims that the video for 'Girlfriend' is the "first time I've truly been myself in every aspect." He apparently can't cook, and he claims to be an "absolute nerd." 

Puth also says that the video "visually represent[s]" what he wants people to do when they hear his music, and that is "to have fun in their very own way."

Watch Charlie Puth's "Girlfriend" video here.