Aside from being popular because of her catchy songs, Taylor Swift is also known for the hidden meaning and the Easter eggs she secretly plants in the lyrics of her songs. With the latest surprise release and success of her new album "Folklore" amidst the pandemic, fans dive into the fun tidbits they find in the pop megastar's lyrics.


The music video for her single "Cardigan" was released around the same day of One Direction's 10th anniversary. Because Swift shared an intimate relationship with Harry Styles back in 2012 to 2013, many fans noticed the interesting similarity between the two pop star's music videos. Fans are referring to Styles' video for "Falling," released in February 28, 2020.

In both videos, the piano of both musicians are found drowning in water while they are playing it. This seems to signify the drowning feeling of a romantic relationship that does not go well as intended and how it affects the artist's music.

Check out the Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift's new album
(Photo : Taylor Swift - Instagram)

Love Triangle

Speaking of tragic romance, the country pop star revealed in the comments of her official Youtube account about three songs that she calls "The Teenage Love Triangle." This trio explore the complicated love from the perspective of three people. Some fans speculated that there are two girls while others also say that there are two boys. They are hinting at either August, Betty, Cardigan, and Illicit Affairs as the love triangle songs. Many fans go out their way to prove how their three songs of choice were definitely the ones that the artist mentioned.


Taylor Swift mentioned in one country radio station that the song is about a 17-year old boy who made a lot of mistakes, just like everybody else. In line with that, she said that what she loves about writing music is that you can take on an identity of someone else and sing from that perspective. Betty was also one of the songs that fans can all agree is one of the Love Triangle songs.

Song Names

In the same radio station appearance, Swift confirmed that the names she picked for the characters of her songs are from on of her closest friends' kids.

It is no secret that the pop artist is close friends with Deadpool star Ryan Reynold and Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively. Their children are named James, Inez, and a third child whose name was kept secret. It was later revealed that the third child is named Betty Reynolds. Additionally, the name "James" was included in Swift's song "Gorgeous."

James is a Boy

Because of the revelation that Tay did use names for her songs from Reynold's kids, many fans were surprised. They were shocked to know that James was confirmed to be a boy. Many fans thought that it was a love between two women or James was gay. But, seeing that the country pop artist confirmed it is taken from the Deadpool actor's kids, some insisted that James was a male character.

While Taylor Swift drops hints on the Easter eggs of her songs, she loves telling stories and hearing the interpretation of the listener. As with all music, it really is up to the listener how they want to interpret the meaning of the songs based on how it affects them.