Taylor Swift's latest album "folklore" has been dominating the charts for weeks lately. Additionally, Swift fans are enjoying themselves looking for Easter Eggs in the country pop singer's songs.

Most notable about her songs are references to her past relationships. As expected of a pop sensation such as Swift, the romantic partners she had were either top musicians or Hollywood actors. Here is a list of the many gorgeous men who Taylor Swift dated and were probably immortalized in one of her songs:

Joe Jonas

He was probably the first celebrity exes of Taylor Swift that was publicly revealed. The two dated from about July until October 2008. In Ellen DeGeneres' show, Swift shared how this particular Jonas Brothers broke up with her - via a phone call.

She wrote two songs "Last Kiss" and "Forever and Always" for Jonas. The pop musician later wrote "Better Than Revenge" when she found out that Jonas was now dating actress Camilla Belle.

Taylor Lautney

While Lautney is best known for his portrayal as abs-ridden Jacob Black in the Twilight series, he also played Swift's boyfriend in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day. They were dating around August but both felt in December 2009 that it wasn't working. Many believe that the country singer's "Back to December" was written for Lautney.

John Mayer

The two pop musicians collaborated for Mayer's song "Half of My Heart" and later fell for each other. However, things went nasty not only because they broke up but also because Taylor wrote the song "Dear John" for him. Their relationship was short-lived, from December 2009 until February 2010. In a Rolling Stone interview, Mayer expressed his disappointment because he believed he did not deserve how lousy Swift treated him with that song.

Taylor Swift's Former Boyfriends and How They Ended Up In Her Songs
(Photo : Taylor Swift - Instagram)

Jake Gyllenhaal

The country musician and the "Donnie Darko" actor were seen secretly dating, driving together in Los Angeles, and having a stroll in New York during fall. The lovebirds most likely started to see each other on October 2010 but broke up in January 2011. Swift's song "All Too Well" mentions "singing in the car" and "Autumn leaves falling." These are hints that the breakup song is most likely intended for Gyllenhaal.

Harry Styles

The solo pop singer and the One Direction member were only dating for a month, at about December 2012 until January 2013. However, the fiery relationship was undeniable that it prompted Swift to write a bunch of songs about Styles. Most notable among the songs she made for him was "I Knew You Were Trouble." The lyrics implies that the girl protagonist of the song falls hard for the guy. However. the latter only treats her as a "notch on his belt" and did not really love the girl in the first place.

Tom Hiddleston

The pop-singer and "Marvel's Avengers" actor were seen in a lot of photos together from June until September 2016. The couple were even kissing and cuddling in some of the pictures. They reportedly broke up after Tom wanted to make the romance public. Fans believe Swift's "Getaway Car" was written for the Loki actor.