TikTok is currently one of the leading social media platforms right now. Users take different songs and sounds and do what they wish with it - people can go from making memes to dancing along. With that, numerous hit songs from the past have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the platform. Here are some of those songs.

1. "Criminal" - Britney Spears

When the "Mugshot Challenge" went viral, so did Britney Spear's 2011 hit song "Criminal". Users would record themselves applying make-up to make them look rough and beat up and would then pretend to pose for a mugshot. The challenge itself received major backlash after YouTube personality James Charles shared a photo of him with a fake bloody nose and a black eye to Twitter, with many people calling him as well as other participants of the challenge out for glamorizing abuse. Britney Spears and "Criminal" did not get hit the backlash though.

2. "Ridin' Solo" - Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo himself is a TikTok star in his own right, pushing out his own content frequently. His hit song "Ridin' Solo" went viral on the platform after famous TikTok personality Addison Rae posted a video of her lip-syncing to the song. Her video amassed over 3.6 million likes and ever since then, people have been putting their own twist to it!

3. "Walked In" - Ultradiox

Ultradiox's song "Walked In" has spanned over 700,000 TikToks with the song. The sound became viral on the platform as it was accompanied by a dance. Numerous big-name celebrities have shared clips of them dancing to the track, including Lizzo, James Charles, and Addison Rae.

4. "Bottoms Up" - Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj

This song went viral for Queen Nicki Minaj's verse on it. Users would share dance routines made to the verse or even try lip-syncing to it. The platform has seen numerous people trying to keep up with Minaj's fast-paced rap, and they added this one to the list!

5. "Medicine" - Queen Naija

When Queen Naija released "Medicine" in 2017, it blew up, garnering over 100 million views on YouTube. Three years later, people still agree the song is a bop. Nowadays, it's being used in TikToks to create relatable memes.

6. "Change it Up" - Keke Palmer (The True Jackson VP Theme Song)

2000's kids, where you at? If you watched Nickelodeon growing up during this era, then the "True Jackson VP" theme song is no stranger to you. Users have paired the song with the "purple flame" filter, which is reminiscent of the show's intro scene. People have used it to vent about people getting mad at these things, with them pretending said things were leaving their body on command.

7. "Pressure" - Yungster Jack ft. David Shawty

"Pressure" has become the anthem for all the "I'm shy" memes on TikTok. The song is reminiscent of the late '90s and early 00's with it's MySpace feel, which makes people fall in love with its nostalgic charm.

8. "Queen of Disaster" - Lana del Rey

Despite not being an official released Lana del Rey track, it has quickly gone viral on the platform. People have been using the sound to make themselves over, whether it be to turn themselves into Disney princess or for the "Check" challenges on the platform.

Which song on the list is your favorite?