Joe Jonas has made some buzz online after speaking about re-recording Jonas Brothers' first album, just like how ex-girlfriend Taylor swift did when she re-recorded her old melodies for fans. The American singer talks about how this is a similar move that he may take for his music career.   

Jonas Brothers' Joe Plans to Re-Record 'It's About Time'

Joe Jonas may before long be strolling in the strides of his ex, Taylor Swift, as far as his music is concerned. Recently, the member of the trio boy band talked about spicing up "It's About Time", which is Jonas Brothers' debut Album.

This is after Taylor swift has delivered a re-recorded variant of "Fearless" , her second studio album last April. 

Her plans to re-record six of her initial collections came after she couldn't recover her jurisdiction over her masters from Scooter Braun. The American executive and proprietor had purchased the Big Machine Records back in 2019. This was the main label that Taylor Swift was endorsed to. 

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Joe Jonas Thinks Ex Taylor Swift is 'Really Clever'

Joe Jonas' most recent interview with Buzzfeed was about taking a trip back to memory lane with Jonas' debut album.  The vocalist was asked about the choice of song that he would likely re-record. The singer mentioned that he has plans to make a new recording of Jonas brothers' entire first album.

He then, at that point proceeded to make reference to his ex Taylor Swift, discussing how he would accomplish something like what she did, adding how he thought it was "really clever". 

Jonas believed that Taylor's attempt to awaken fans' nostalgia of the song is a truly clever way to pay homage to her career. Moreover, it's a great way to pay tribute to fans who have been there all along. 

Jonas and Swift had momentarily dated back in 2008. After the breakup, the two barely talked about each other. It's unclear whether the two have remained bitter about each other after Swift revealed on  The Ellen show that their relationship ended over just a 27-second phone call.

However, Joe Jonas' reference to ex Taylor Swift may prove that they've remained civil, or even friends after a long time of breaking up.

Jonas hasn't mentioned any initial steps that he's currently taking on the re-recording of Jonas Brothers' album although he seems pretty determined that it would be a great step for not only his, but for the band's career. 

Their album "It's About Time" was released back in 2006. Now their recent one entitled "Happiness Begins" is a comeback album for the group, which was released with a documentary with the same title. As of the moment, the group is keeping their hands busy with their upcoming toor "Remember This" that will be happening in August.

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