South Korean girl group TWICE just released their comeback song "Alcohol-Free" which they took to stage on a popular American talk show "The Ellen Degeneres Show". They graced the stage on June 9 local time with the new song which is the title track of their upcoming album. Watch TWICE's performance below!

TWICE Releases 'Alcohol Free' to Tease Upcoming 'Taste of Love'

Their performance on Ellen showcases a beautifully placed setup with the girls dancing infront of a bar corner. They wore bohemian-themed dresses with white, red, and beige color schemes. Despite news on Ellen Degeneres shutting down her famous TV show by the end of 2022, the show continues to run its operations and enjoy well-loved guests. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Ellen seeks to end her show due to personal convictions that it's time to move forward with the next part of her life.

The nine member girl group released the song "Alcohol-Free" as a follow up of a single that they released last may, "Kura Kura." "Alcohol Free" talks about the strong feeling of being in love and out of your mind, being compared to a drunken stupor.

As seen in the music video, the single revolves around the themes of romance and is accompanied by a vibrant theme. It features the nine members grooving along to "Alcohol-Free" with bossa nova instrumentals. The music video's location was in Holiday Island, Jeju, South Korea.

When it comes to the lyrics, the themes of the lines relay a message that love makes you feel drunk even though you haven't drank a glass of alcohol. Like margaritas and champagne, love can make you go wild and crazy.

The song is known to be co-written by the head of JYP entertainment, the band's management. For the record, the band has become one of the most sensational groups not only in south Korea but also worldwide in this generation.

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Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall Co-Writes TWICE's 'First Time'

The album also showcases other songs aside from "Alcohol-Free." Band members Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun, and Sana have participated in the songwriting process. Another song from the Album entitled "First Time" was written by TWICE member Jihyo with the special participation of Little Mix's singer Jade Thirlwall. The singer of the famous English group brought her excitement on the collaboration project to social media.

"The song is so special to me so I held onto it for the right moment so this bop could fully GET it's moment", Jade said. She explained her gratitude to the process of including her in the songwriting process for the new song in addition to TWICE's album. She has started being involved in the process since a few years ago.

The album "Taste of Love" is expected to be released on June 11 at 1 PM Korean Standard Time. The "Taste of Love" is their 10th mini album or EP as they call it. The album is known to be the group's first Korean release in 2021. Last month, they released their Japanese single entitled "Kura Kura". 

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