Fans were elated when Taylor Swift announced that she was going to have a rerecording of her first six albums. This was after drastic change in her career, switching from labels Big Machine to Scooter Braun's Ithaca holdings. Now, the two different versions of 26-track 2008 hit album 'Fearless' are on a very tight fight on the charts. The fans seem to love both just as equally! But which one is better?

Taylor Swift's Rerecording, a Brave Act of Protest for Unheard Artists

As reported by Rolling Stone, the move to rerecord "Fearless" happened after the American singer-songwriter had switched labels. In an exclusive interview with the Magazine, Swift said that the move to switch is tantamount to "putting her legacy in the hands of someone who tried to dismantle it." 

The move was proclaimed by numerous individuals as a brave protest in her continuous fight for various artists all around the world in need of recovering control of their music. Previously, Swift had a problem of taking control of her own music and production due to the conflicts of interest in her label. The artist had admitted that she was going through a difficult time in her music career back then. But now, things are better than ever, and the rerecording of 'Fearless Taylor's Version' is a testament to that. For fans, they believe that the right thing to do is to support the new version as a sign of protest, and quite frankly because it's as good as the original version.

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Songs From Taylor's Version Soars High Up the Charts, Surpassing Some Originals

As reported by Billboard, "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" has made it to number one on Billboard 200 charts popular albums of the week. Moreover, streams to the original version of the album "Fearless" has instantly dropped.

The 12 other songs from the 26-track album have continued to soar high. It also includes another six bonus songs that were added to the collection on a "Platinum Edition" of the "Fearless" reissue back in 2009. Aside from that, six newly recorded songs that were claimed to be "from the vault" which were written but never released have just been out for the world to hear now. 

When putting the songs side-by-side, the two don't seem to be much sonically different. For Taylor's Version, there might be a little less twang this time. However, the singer has still sung the song straight and has strum with the melodies note by note. 

The gap between the two when it comes to chart hits have slowly become eye-squinting. Sometimes, the original version surpasses the new rerecording. However, the two are still in a tough fight together. Normally, algorithms for old songs would drop when a new album hits, and Taylor's case isn't an exception. 

Classic originals such as "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me", however, still manage to surpass "Fearless Taylor's Version." However, some weeks have still been challenging for the two top songs, especially during the week of June 4 to June 11. 

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Written by Nikki Schmidt