Doja Cat has just released her single "Need to Know", a second from her previous "Kiss Me More" Collabwith SZA for her album "Planet Her." Now, the American rapper-singer has brought a whole new extraterrestrial vibe with her new song featuring none other than the human-cyborg-alien beauty herself, Grimes. The pair seem to be the hottest aliens there are in the intergalactic universe. Watch the video below!

Doja Cat Releases New Single 'Need to Know' With Intergalactic Theme

In the video, the rapper is seen throwing awesome beats with her new song while sitting on a couch with other girls. Beside her is Grimes, who is seen not straying too far away from her natural habitat by appearing in an out-of-this-world outfit. ABC notes that he song revolves around the story of having a futuristic night out with a bunch of aliens and cyborgs within a Cyberpunk universe (probably Grimes' future home).

The pair is also seen with Jazelle, Princess Gollum and Ryan Destiny having a ball during the night out. After having a fun dance session at the couch, the friends are seen playing some video games before riding an uber to the club. At the club, Doja Cat is seen enjoying herself while seemingly giving a lapdance for a guy.

Some behind the scenes photos featuring the group are seen below.

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Fans Bring to Social Media Reactions on Doja-Grimes Collaboration

According to Music Feeds, fans were ecstatic about the newest stunt by Doja on her recently released single. Twitter user namo da julia said "i love your versatility, you are so talented thank you to give us some quality shit. love you."

However, despite Grimes' natural personality showing some peculiar intergalactic dress-ups in her music videos and Instagram photos, she seems to be more human-looking in the music video.

Twitter user yagirldi noticed it and said "i love how grimes is the most normal looking person in the new doja cat music video."

Moreover, despite Grimes being featured on the music video, she did not have any singing parts on the track itself. Some fans mentioned that having an actual collaboration with Grimes singing other parts of the song might not be a really bad idea.

Twitter user larchednoe said "GRIMES IN DOJA CAT'S NEW VID WAS CUTEE also am I the only one who thinks that if Grimes had a part on Need to know, it actually would've been kinda good & interesting?? Thoughts?"

Doja's Album "Planet Her", a follow up to her "Hot Pink" album released last 2019, the new one is set to arrive in full package this coming June 25. Stars such as Young Thug, Ariana Grande, the Weeknd, and JIID is expected to be seen on her album, presumably still with David LaChapelle visuals as seen on the "Need to Know" video. Meanwhile, Grimes is expected to debut an upcoming project at the Splendour XR for the next month.

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