Is Billie Eilish in her "flop" era now? A rude commenter said so although the singer did not just take the insult sitting down.

Billie Eilish has been the target of some nasty comments for a while now, but the most recent one could be considered one of the most insulting. The quite vocal singer however, is having none of it. 

After fans dissed her new song, Billie fired out a simple message to everyone calling her a "flop" artist, according to Hollywood Life

Billie Eilish continued the rollout of her second album, Happier Than Ever, on July 9 with "NDA," and apparently, and while some fans were happy that the singer is blessing them with another single, some fans are not. 

Some of them even made fun of the song. There were haters who compared it to the "Among Us" theme song while several took it a notch further by claiming her "career is going backward." 

"Is it me, or is billie in her flop era like why does she suck now...," one negative commenter said.

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Billie, 19, however decided not to ignore such comments. In a true blue Billie fashion, she made her feelings known. 

She captioned a July 11 TikTok, one that mimicked her critics on the platform to say what she thinks of such hateful comments. 

In particular, Billie's own TikTok had her roll her eyes at this sentiment that she's "flopped," and then captioned this with. "literally all i see on this app... eat my dust my tits are bigger than yours."

@billieeilish literally all i see on this app... eat my dust my tits are bigger than yours ♬ NDA - Billie Eilish

But then, the artist could be described as justified in what she thinks of such comments though. Contrary to what certain fans think, her career remains as bright as ever. Her newest single is anything but a flop.

"NDA" was released just on July 9, but since then, it has already accumulated over seven million streams on Spotify alone. 

It's presently No. 48 on Apple Music's Top 100 in the USA, which is not bad considering it's a relatively fresh drop. 

The YouTube video, released the same day as the song, has now reached 12 million views and counting. 

Certainly, the numbers have spoken.  

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