Billie Eilish has one contender in the music industry - herself.

The long wait is over for Eilish's fans as the singer dropped her second album that beat her debut record. But before the new record came, the young singer already beat her own record that has been snatched away from her once.

On her Twitter account, the 19-year-old singer announced that her new album made history in Apple Music again.

"Billie's album "Happier Than Ever" is the most pre-added album ever in @AppleMusic's history. "Happier Than Ever" is out this Friday, July 30," the caption says.


Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe revealed that over 1.028 million users pre-added the album, making it the most pre-saved album in Apple Music history. It beat her own album's 800,000 record in 2019.

Previously, The Weeknd grabbed the record in 2020 with his "After Hours" album only to lose it again now. Following the good news, Eilish hoped that the album does not disappoint since the number is truly "nuts" and unbelievable.

She added that she thought her fans have thought she is no longer around since it has been a while since she last performed. However, her recent milestone proved how wanted she is regardless of her absence.

"The hard thing is that we haven't done shows. I haven't had a way to prove to them that I'm still theirs," she said. "And I think that's tough. I think that it's made them go crazy. And I totally understand it...I feel the same."

Billie Eilish's New Hobby Is Breaking Records

Aside from creating and singing hit songs, Eilish seemingly found another hobby by continuously setting new records.

Earlier this year, she teased her fans about her new color, ditching her signature neon crowning glory.

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On Instagram, she shared a photo of her new, blond hair as she focused the camera on her face. As of the writing, the photo already has 23 million likes. Due to the high engagement in her photo, she scored the title for the fastest Instagram post in history to ever reach 1 million likes.

She ultimately beat Selena Gomez and her 26th birthday photo which gained 1 million likes in 13 minutes.

As to why she decided to leave her signature look, Eilish revealed that she wanted something more natural to her. She also felt the need to change her hair color. So after years of rocking green, silver, lavender, and blue hair, she decided to go blond - and won records in return.

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