Zayn Malik immediately made his almost nearly 2 million fans in one hour just by posting captionless selfies.

On Friday, Zayn shared two photos of him on his Instagram account. The first photo of him shows the One Direction alum flaunting his side profile.

Meanwhile, the second photo presents the singer as he tries to fish in a lake.

His fans quickly rushed to repost the photos online and expressed their thirst for the singer.

One fan shared the first photo on Twitter and said, "i'd like to say that i'm a strong, independent woman who needs no man, but when zayn malik breathes, i suddenly become a h-e."

Meanwhile, another reposted the fishing photo of Zayn, "i don't really like fishing but if zayn malik likes it then sh-t i'll even be the fish."

"the earring, the hat, the tattoos, the side profile, the chain, this man omfg zayn malik i worship the ground you walk on," another added.

Zayn Malik Controlling Internet With Selfies

Though he is already a father-of-one, Zayn never failed to rule the internet by posting selfies.


In 2020, he ended his social media hiatus by sharing a photo of him with his nose ring and earrings on. His eyeliner also took his fans' attention.

Though the eye makeup seems to be natural to singers like him, Zayn's "eyeliner" was actually a Muslim tradition.

One fan explained that the "makeup" is called Surma. Muslims reportedly put it on during Eids and other occasions.

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However, it is worth noting that he shared the photo months after announcing that he is no longer a Muslim. During an interview with British Vogue, he revealed that he does not believe in any religion's doctrines.

He added that he believes that whatever people practice is between them alone.

In February, his wife Gigi Hadid revealed that she and Zayn want to raise their daughter Khai in all different cultures and religions.

"I felt like I was allowed to learn about every religion when I was a kid. I think it's good to take different pieces of different religions that you connect with, and I think that's how we'll do that," she told Vogue.

She went on to claim that, by doing so, they are giving their child an opportunity to see everything from different perspectives.

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