Cardi B celebrates another milestone in her rap career as her chart-topping song's music video "Bodak Yellow" recently amassed a billion views on YouTube.

The hashtag #BodakYellow1Billion became a trending topic as fans share their sentiments over the significant achievement of the rapper.

Following the significant celebration, many fans allege that Cardi B made history for being the first music video to get a billion views with the lowest budget.

Even though fans can't contain their excitement, other supporters are skeptical about the claims saying the music video didn't look cheap.

"Impossible for this to have cost 15k. That'd barely cover the cameras and studio," one fan wrote.

"Low budget?! Flight to Dubai ain't cheap." Another fan wrote.

"LMAAOOO y'all just be making accomplishments," one fan tweeted.

YouTube has not released an official statement whether Cardi B's recent milestone is a first in the social media platform's history.

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Did Cardi B Only Spend $15,000 On 'Bodak Yellow's Production?

According to All Hip Hop, the rapper only spent less than 20 grand for her music video.

Cardi B also confirmed it herself by writing, "Fun fact: 'Bodak Yellow' music video cost me 15 thousand dollars. I was in Dubai, and I said... I gotta fly Picture (videographer) out here... BOOM BOOM BANG! Ya know the rest" (via the outlet mentioned above.)

The song became a chart-topping hit by dominating the Billboard Hot 100 for being number one for three consecutive weeks.

'Bodak Yellow' is considered Cardi's breakout song as her career skyrocketed after it was released. The track also got numerous awards in the past.

The song is also a certified 9x-Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Other Music Videos Cost a Lot of Money

Despite 'Bodak Yellow' being Cardi's cheapest production, her other music videos cost her a hefty amount of money.

The budget for the music video of "Money" costs $400,000, "Please Me" costs $900,000, and "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion costs a staggering $1 million to produce.

Cardi B explained that she spends a lot of money on some of her music videos because she doesn't want to look like a "small artist" with a low budget.

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